World We Create

Programming and art project to create an interactive world using the powerful TrueVision3D
engine. WWC is not a game per se, as there is no winning or losing, nor
is there any competition, but it's more like a sandbox where you can
add, remove and manipulate things and entities. Only that you walk in
the box yourself. But for everybody's convenience we'll call it a game
in the same manner we call our end-users players.

We are no professionals of any kind so you won't find a long list
of cool features that will be in WWC. This project is about learning to
program, to organize workflow, to create art and implement it into an
interactive environment. We hope to be able to make some kind of code
snippets and easy to understand tutorials of our progress steps so
other modmakers and TV3D users can learn about creating a virtual world
with the engine. Also most of the content will be published as public
domain so stay tuned.

The setting

The setting in World We Create
is mostly medieval with a slight twist of steampunk. On the scale of
fantasy vs realistical it's more on the latter end. You won't find any
miraculous spells or races other than humans with their subcultures,
but then again the aim isn't in total realism either. To put in words,
it's a colourful story of different tribes inhabiting islands and how
they will eventually migrate from one to another.

About the team

At the time of writing this there's me, Jukka Kevät,
and couple of my friends who do some models and graphic from time to
time. I have a strong Basic background and will be programming all the
stuff in Visual Basic in addition of creating 3D graphics myself.

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RSS Articles

Ingame video

News 1 comment

Gameplay prototype video:

Quality took an impact, but it does it's job. website is now updated. Repository section is added which allows users to download and upload content.

Building construction and shader


Finished the construction of buildings. Had to create a new building from one of Ville's sketch-models just for fun :) I also made a custom shader...

Clouds added

News 1 comment

Did the clouds layer, it was relatively simple after I banged my head too much to a wall and decided to write small custom shader for it. Hardest part...

General atmosphere


Spend the weekend on working with the general atmosphere. We now have dynamic day and night with sun, moon and skygradient. Bloom shader was added which...

Progress again


I've been really busy over the summer but seems that I have free time once again :D Got my first job as 3D - graphician and that has kept my interests...

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itsjustguy - - 64 comments

Looks awesome, i'd really love to play test for you :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
zotobom - - 232 comments

I think its gonna be like the Sandbox mod for Battlefield 2.....and i like such games!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
azrael300 - - 24 comments

hay why wont you reles a test verstion for 10 days and the test verstion expirse in half a year?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
deathparadeNL - - 2,061 comments

damn there arent so many sandbox games on moddb that are standalone the only one is Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker and that is the only one :( so i hope this one doesnt die and i hope it will be great to play :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lethe95 - - 33 comments

This game looks pretty interesting. Keep up the good work. I hope this comes out sometime in the next 1-5 years (if that is a reasonable time scale)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SourHyperion1 - - 860 comments

please keep working on this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DocHoodia - - 12 comments

Don't let this die!!! I love games like this, and there are too few like it for my tastes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JukkaKevät Creator
JukkaKevät - - 4 comments

I apologize for the lack of updates. Being very busy with the work (we have just moved to new office space) and organizing our upcoming cooperation with the firm I'm in.

Been coding the new scene loader and making environment props (trees, rocks and stuff). The website will be updated february and I try to push the ingame video and new screenshots at the same time. The first ingame video was very... average. Have to optimize the code a bit to keep good framerate with fraps.

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JukkaKevät Creator
JukkaKevät - - 4 comments

Ah, also the forums will be back soon in the new address. I'll post news when that happens to welcome all you who are interested to join there and discuss about the project.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Siath - - 5 comments

Yeah, looks interesting - and I like world building and controlling... :D - never seen a version where once it's started you can actually BE in your little world :D

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