World of Padman is an incredibly carefully designed and colorful freeware fun shooter for young and young-at-heart people, created by ENTE & team.

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One of the most polished indie games around with insane maps, innovative gameplay and a unique art style that pushes the ioQuake3 engine to its limits.

Great fun and the attention to detail alone makes this game worthy of your time.

Great atmosphere, music, models, feeling... Simply great and very original game. Thing I like the most is COLOURS MAN!!! I am not a gamer, but I used to play CoD here and there and every time I play it, I got fed up with booooring colour palette :D (there is only a few colours in CoD if you think about it... there is brown, black, shades of gray, red from various flashes, and occasionally shades of blue), plus, I already have bad vision 8) thanks to my stupid accident. You can say what ever you want, but for me... this is game rocks harder than CoD!

Good idea with those characters

fun free open source game!


It's not just a great FPS. It's a great FPS you can play with your kids (and it's probably the only one). It's free. It's fun. It's cross-platform. What's not to like?

Best gameplay, nice artwork


Simple but great fun to play with my kids. Plus something about the simple graphics or the colors makes it so I never get motion sick with this game where I do with many other first person shooters.

A great take on an old format. Lots of personality, great weapons and items, and you can't go wrong with free. Definitely an underrated game.

WoP is more then just "a game". It's a wonderfull community encouraging to be creative, to design and involve in development and mapping. The mechanics and balance are fantastic. There is simply no blood/drama needed to have a sportive high precision shooter experience - with fun! This game is so beneath the surface, it's unbelievable - you see arcadegeddon coming out these days on PS5? great, but far away from this concept (-: