Worbital is a real-time artillery strategy game, peppered with a heavy dose of cosmic chaos. Spun off from the turn-based Interplanetary, Worbital attempts to realize interplanetary war in real-time, emphasizing hype-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction. Each player commandeers a planet, building support structures and increasingly powerful weapons. The goal: be the last civilization standing! With the shifting gravity on your side, aim your cannons, blast your enemies and enjoy the fireworks! It is unshackled from the grounded and deliberate style of its predecessor, in favor of unrealistic fun.

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The wait is over—Worbital beta is back to spread its explosive cheer. Let’s take another look at what you can expect from Worbital Beta 2.

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wrb Beta is Back

The wait is overWorbital beta is back to spread its explosive cheer. Let’s take another look at what you can expect from Worbital Beta 2.

We’ve already explained the general drift of the new beta in our Tuesday announcement. Here’s the announcement briefly:

  • Beta 2 Weekends: October 19th-22nd, October 26th-29th
  • Keys available October 19th-29th
  • Limited game modes, but new features and weapons
  • Play Beta 2 at least once to be eligible for a small bonus in the release version

Today we also start giving out beta keys. If you already have a beta key, it will give you access for Beta 2 as well. If you don’t have a key yet: post a request in the #wrb_request-beta-key chat on our Discord server, and we’ll get back to you in a direct message, as soon as possible. Please mind that on weekdays we’ll only give out keys during our office hours (roughly 8am - 5pm EEST). If you post a request and don’t get a reply, there’s no need to post multiple requests. Moderators will get back to you as soon as they are available.

As mentioned earlier, Beta 2 will have fewer game modes available. During the first weekend, you can play Tutorial, Chaos and AI Chaos. During the second one—only Tutorial and Custom Matches. For both weekends, we include UI fixes and some funky new weapons: Dreadnought, Cataclysm, Singularity, and Orbit Destabilizer. Some of them we’ve already teased on our Discord and Twitter.

The beta will close completely on October 29th. After that, it’s just the final stretch before the full launch of Worbital on Steam. Upon the closing of the beta, we will have some juicy announcements and surprises, so, please, don’t leave the server just because beta is ending! Keep your eyes on the announcement chat.

The first weekend of Beta 2 will close for a break on Monday, October 22nd, at 14:00 EEST/ 07:00 EDT.

Worbital Beta 2-11, 0.98.3756_Beta2-11 - October 19th, 2018

  • Features
    • New Weapons
      • Dreadnought (Terrene), Cataclysm (Lucid), Singularity (Celestials), Orbit Destabilizer (Lucid, Celestials)
    • Hotkeys
      • Planet UI can now be controlled with keyboard commands
    • Hotbar
      • An additional way to control planet actions
    • Planet Interaction UI Overhaul
      • All the essential information has been added around the player planet. Structures can be constructed and activated by clicking on it, in addition to the Planet View on the top-left corner
    • HP Bars
      • Structures now reveal their HP bars when hit, making it easier to see the amount of damage that was caused
    • Resource Gain Values
      • You can now see the amount of Funds you gain when firing at enemy planets
      • Refinery and Mining Probe values also shown
    • Info Corner Overhaul
      • Visuals overhauled
      • Added Upgrade, Repair and Sell tools. This lets you quickly click through structures and apply the desired effect
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a visual bug in the end screen that sometimes caused red splotches on defeated player icons
    • Restored the feature that causes asteroids to split into smaller ones when destroyed
    • Asteroids can no longer destroy planets without triggering critical core status
    • Lasers no longer collide with the Black Hole
    • Laser Blade boost direction fixed
    • Various small fixes
  • Adjustments
    • Added new mouse cursors
    • Added a targeting overlay when in targeting mode, showing the name of the weapon and its charge status
    • Added crosshairs to indicate enemy planets when in targeting mode
    • Added additional large planet fragments when a planet is destroyed
    • Fireworks targeting line improved to more clearly show the point where the projectile will explode
    • Evacuator now shows a skull icon on your planet, when it’s been armed
    • Evacuator can now be activated mid-flight for direct control of the projectile
    • Evacuator now grabs some of the buildings from the planet it was launched from and quickly restores them on the new colonized planet. The more evacuators on the previous planet, the more structures it takes with it.
    • Evacuator now only fires one projectile, regardless of the amount of evacuators built on the planet
    • Homing Missile now targets Attack Ships and Dreadnoughts
    • Adjusted Refinery fund generation mechanics slightly
    • Added UI for derailed planets that indicates the amount and direction of the speed boost they receive from different weapons and boosters
    • Added more information to Advisor Messages.
    • Added in-world highlights on events referred to in Advisor Messages.
    • Tutorial adjusted to take into account upcoming onboarding features
    • Clouds are now visible on planets when zoomed in close
    • Moved Projectile Actions keys to F1-F4 to give way for planet hotkeys
    • Coilgun and Railgun visuals swapped
    • Some weapon names adjusted
    • Weapon description texts rewritten
    • Network optimization
  • Balance
    • Solaronite Gun target line now shows the trajectory through the sun
    • Increased Solaronite Gun charge time and build duration
    • Slightly increased Solaronite Gun soil damage on level 1, but decreased on levels 2 & 3
    • Slightly decreased Solaronite Gun structure aoe
    • Gravity’s effect on derailed planets has been slightly increased
    • Mining Probe now generates more Funds, but has a limited lifespan
    • Laser Blade angle increased
    • Made Laser Blade give less boost to a derailed planet
    • Gravimetric Shield uptime slightly decreased
    • The amount of Defense Orbs generated is now dependent on the amount of Defense Orbs structures on the planet
    • Defense Orbs now fire their orbs further on higher upgrade levels
    • Slightly reduced Tax Gun’s (Poacher) Fund steal amount
    • Increased Spreadcannon (Defense Spreader) and Shotcannon (Defense Burster) damage against projectiles
    • Reduced Attack Ship fund gain on planet hit
    • Uninhabited planets’ soil endurance increased
    • Slightly reduced small planet fragment damage
    • Made Spreadcannon (Defense Spreader), Shotcannon (Defense Burster), and Gatling Cannon (Autocannon) better at steering a derailed planet
    • Increased Plasma Cannon HP
    • Increased Attack Ship fuel amount on levels 2 and 3
    • Slightly reduced Attack Ship damage
    • Slightly increased Attack Ship size

Gear up for a weekend of cosmic destruction!

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