Real World sucks! Go WOK.

The world has been totally destroyed. And you are waking up after your Cryo pod had a malfunction. You arrives in this small village where people are in survival mode, they have lost their history and lost the knowledge. WOK is a 4km2 procedural island with hundred thousands trees, rocks and place to visit. Located in East Asia, it is a virtual world, multiplayer, where you can meet others, drink beer, smoke pot, and bang Lili the local prostitute. It is the world we all dream to live in. We know the real world sucks, but WOK, is freedom. It is a free speech place, with monsters to kill, friends to meet and unlimited fun!

No classes, you are what you are doing, like in the real life.

No need to select a class, your abilities are building by using things. Let say that you have a sword, the more you use it, the better you are. Until you become a master and can teach others (in exchange of money). Everything is working this way. Your only characteristics are your life, your energy, your reputation. For the rest, it is based on your competences. You can master wizardry and fighting, it all depends on you.

Modern and Medieval at the same time.

WOK is in the future and there are still some things that are working. Some NPC have specific tech knowledge, and electricity is not stable but available.

At the same time, because people have lost everything, they have forgotten most of the modern things, and are like in the medieval times. The radiations have created many mutants that are exactly the same as in the fantasy worlds of Tolkien.

You can fight Orcs with an AK-47.

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Original article is here:

Here how my game is looking after the upgrade to Unity 2017.3

To be honest I didn’t see it coming. I used to work in C++ on PC/Atari or console, and I never relied on something that would become obsolete in less than 6 month.

  • Unity has removed the support to substance files, to Javascript, to WWW classes.
  • The editor has become so slow that I cannot use it, who is programming this, in which language? I have a Ryzen 1700 and it is lagging like f*!
  • Most of the scripts have lost their references. My assets never moved on my hard drive and I can load my project fine with 5.6. What did happen with 2017 so that all my references are all lost?
  • Playway water is done, cooked, so is FOcean. All my modifications are done for nothing on these asset, I want my money back f* publishers.
  • World Creator licensing is not working anymore because of the WWW class deprecation, so I had to download a new version 2.4.0 that is not working anymore with my biome. My textures are all over the place. I have contacted the author, apparently they have stopped the support of this ($185!) plugin in favor of their stand alone version with a conversion. But my work done with this tool is lost. All my terrains are done. I can upgrade to their stand alone tool but f* it, I am done with it!
  • uSky is not working, so no more atmospheric scattering, no more day/night cycle. All my work to sync that with water is done.
  • The grass shader is all f*cked, the shadow replacement I was using (NextGen Shadow) is not working, the trees are not showing up (Altree asset).
  • I have a bunch of crunch compression error. Unity did provide crunch compression, I used it, now they cannot uncruch these pictures, what am I supposed to do? Why not keeping the compatibility? I have lost these pictures? Tell me Unity what the heck are you doing?

I could go over and over about this disaster for pages, but I have lost 5 months of my life working on a game with Unity and there is no compatibility between 5.6 and 2017 version at all. Glad that I have not done a Kickstarter!

Unity 2018 is even worse, they plan to remove the Legacy particle system, so take that in the teeth, and the only thing new is the small material editor… everything else is garbage that should have been done 10 years ago. They realized that everything is slow made with Unity so their solution is to convert the shitty C# into C++ and then compile in Machine code. You can imagine the garbage in term of optimization … awful.

So f*ck you Unity… I have made many games in the past, and I have never been screwed that way. Making a game is a 10 years process. You make the game (some take 5 years to do it) then you maintain the game, do patches… what the f* is Unity thinking? That a game is a 6 months demo challenge? These people never made a game for sure, they have no clue!

So I am switching to Unreal 4 (UE4).

I have been on Unreal 4 for 3 weeks now. I am having a blast! This is so much superior in every aspect, I don’t know why I have spent so much time in this failure of an engine that is Unity. Simple test. Load an old UE4 asset from the marketplace, not updated since version 4.08. Load it in version 4.18 released 2 years after: everything is working. Blueprint working, Material editor working. Everything. You have to adjust things to take benefit of the new features of course but, IT IS WORKING.

I will detail the process to convert the assets from Unity to UE4, if you read this, save your time, go directly to the Epic Unreal Engine, believe me, Unity is not going to help you to make a game, they will break everything every 6 month so that you pay for upgrades. Instead of doing a game, you will spend your time trying to get something from a bunch of 3rd party expensive assets that will be deprecated in the process and will screw you the same way I have been screwed, save your time, life is short.

So I am moving to UE4, more info in the next posts, you will understand and see the difference soon.

UE4 is free. The editor is awesome. FREE. And has everything included. Save 100 extra asset purchase in the sh*tty Asset Store, all included for FREE. And you have a dark skin: FREE, you don’t have to feel guilty to use a crack just to save your eyes! It is FREE.

Unity: 0/10 review.

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This is the first milestone: The environment. You can fly and see the game. PC Only, Direct-X 11 only.

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