Wing Commander Saga is a free game based on the Freespace 2 Source Code Project. It is based upon the popular Wing Commander series by Chris Roberts and Origin, and features a new story line during the final portion of the Terran Confederations deseprate fight for survivial against the Kilrathi Empire. You assume the role of 2nd Lieutenant David Markham, a recent OCS graduate in an accelerated flight training program. Victory and survival for humanity can only be bought at a terrible cost. Gather your wingmen and your courage and prepare to play your part in humanity's desperate gambit as you face the Kilrathi foe. It is a time where even average men must reach inside themselves and become heroes. Answer the call. Face the enemy. Make your mark as the Confederation faces its darkest dawn.

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For this week's update, we would like to focus on one storytelling. We haven't said a lot about it in the past, which is unfortunate to say the least.

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One of our main goals in creating Saga is to provide a strong story that is grounded in the Wing Commander universe and offers compelling characters in thought provoking situations. That takes a lot of work to create and refine, and we have been putting a lot of effort into that. Like everything in game development, creating a story is always more difficult than it sounds. We have received a lot of great input and a lot of great ideas from many sources, and because of that we believe that we have created a great story for you. Our goal is to make the story extremely immersive, helping you feel that you are just watching what our main character Sandman does but actually stepping into the role and experiencing what it is like to be Sandman.

Second Lieutenant David 'Sandman' Markham Second Lieutenant David 'Sandman' Markham

One of thing that's always difficult for game designers is to figure out how to convey the story yet not interfere with the game play. This is difficult because not all gamers are the same. You might classify gamers into two camps: first, you have the gamers that LOVE story and want to know everything about every character, location, and event, and then you have the gamers that just want to blast Kilrathi out of the sky. We didn't want either of these camps to be dissapointed. So, we came up with a system that we believe lets us have the best of both worlds.

Scripted Drama

During missions the player will very often encounter in-game dialogue and scripted sequences. They flesh out characters' relationships and motivations, all while expanding the overall narrative. In this way, if you are content just focusing on dodging missiles and icing Kilrathi, nothing will get in your way, and you'll still be able to enjoy the Wing Commander Saga story.

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Seems like a great solution.. It will be there, but you don't have to pay attention.

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Well the classic wing commander solution is to simply not talk to people on the ship/lounge/flight deck ect. Does Saga not behave in that way?

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Tolwyn Author

Considering that we do not have any areas on the ship where you could actually talk to people....

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No then, ;) Well in that case, would it be more like wc2?

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Tolwyn Author

We have one cutscene per episode plus briefings and command briefings. That's pretty much it. The rest of the story is told during missions.

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