Logan Denholm has just been fired from his photography job, but he has been offered a position in something bigger...

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I would like to begin this article with a start off of saying that I, NitroTech am not the best at programming and I am trying my best to do what I can for this project. I have programmed almost everything for What Remains at the moment but mainly with the help of Unreal 4 tutorials, I believe that if we want to make major strides, we will need a larger programming team, if anyone knows how to program in Unreal 4 or is interested, please contact me through a PM. thanks.

What Remains and It's planned Mechanics and Features

I would like to welcome all of you lovely folks to the first article for this lovely hopefully upcoming horror game that I hope to grace you all with once it has a playable state and demo available!

This article will detail the many planned mechanics that will hopefully come with What Remains once it reaches the public, I will update this article accordingly during development in case any of these are dropped, as to prevent disappointment of our customers and fans.

So lets begin with passive mechanics and features aka just general engine things that are needed for the game to run accordingly.

  • Stamina System - [implemented and working]

  • Flashlight System with Depleting battery - [basics implemented]

  • Doors and Keys - [Doors are implemented but not keys]

  • Objective System - [Implemented]

  • Inventory System - [Close to being Fully Implemented]

  • Other means of Light - [Not Implemented]

  • Stealth and Hiding - [Not Implemented]

  • AI Path finding and combat - [NOT YET]

Now We'll bring up other mechanics and features that are planned.

  • Jump scares - [Not Implemented]

  • Cut scenes - [Not Implemented]

  • 5 Types of Monsters - [Not Implemented]

  • Fire Mechanics - [Not Implemented]

  • Scripted scenes - [Not Implemented]

That should be most of the planned features, if we missed any, I will make sure to edit this article!

I hope all of you are excited for the future of this project!

- NitroTech - Founder of Magnum Shell Interactive and Lead programmer and Director of What Remains

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