WGRealms 2 is an action packed fantasy style total conversion of DukeNukem 3D. You don't need Duke 3D for this; just download and play!

Los_Tacos says

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This mod captures the spirit of classic FPS and expands upon it brilliantly. It provides a better single player FPS experience than any other game I've played, and I've played a lot of them. The kicker is that this is not only free, but standalone. It makes me sad knowing that loads of people spend money on games like Duke Nukem Forever, but this is free and hardly anyone knows about it.

The gameplay is imaginative and mostly flawless, though the throwing hammer is a little clunky and sometimes gets stuck. That's the only criticism I can come up with other than weapon balance, for example the ice storm seems a little too powerful for how little it costs. Sometimes I like to make Jedrik more challenging to play by not using those easymode everything-dies spells.

If you're a fan of classic FPS (or any kind of fun) you absolutely positively must play this. It changed the way I view the FPS genre and now everything is a little disappointing in comparison.

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This would be the best Total Conversion that Duke Nukem has seen since Starship Troopers TC.

If you loved Doom, Hexen, Quake or any other games to this nature you will love this. Hell, even if you have never played the above games you would still love this.

Not only that, you don't even need to own Duke Nukem to play this, it's completely standalone!

Dec 29 2009 by The_Commander