Tales of real stories

Welcome to Elk, an adventure game set on a fictional island stitched together with true stories and tall tales, and inhabited by the people who lived them.


You play as Frigg, a young carpenter trading their busy life in the city for an apprenticeship in a small town. When she arrives in Elk, Frigg worries that the slower pace of life will be boring (they don’t even have the internet), but quickly discovers nothing could be further from the truth!

Tragic stories told with love and sometimes humour

The stories reflect the drama of our lives, on Elk it’s known that humour, love and death go hand in hand. Life may seem hard sometimes, but it is always followed by laughter.

Make new friends

On Elk, you will meet weird and wonderful characters - people whom the world has either ignored or forgotten. Follow their ups and downs, their odd drinking rituals and their unique ways of tackling whatever life throws at them.

Unique mini games

Help your new friends on Elk through playful mini games. All games are uniquely tailored to underline the story and the mood of the game.

Meet the people who told the original stories

We value the importance of storytellers, those who carry the tales of others and share them. That's why, in Elk, you will also meet the living storytellers who inspired us to make this game.

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The 2020 edition of the digital convention LudoNarraCon, which celebrates narrative video games is now live. Running from the 24th to the 27th of April, the online event hosted through Steam showcases some of the most interesting and innovative upcoming and already released narrative games.

Experience much of you'd expect from a normal convention, with over 40 games being exhibited, several panels from members of the industry to watch, sales for over 50 games and dozens of playable demos during the event to play.

Ludanarrocon 2020 Schedule Image

Check out the online panel schedule for LudoNarraCon 2020.

There is a wide variety of panels to check out and topics to learn about throughout the event, including the evolution of game narrative, storytelling in games without dialogue and how to develop branching narratives (check out the full list in the image above!).

While there are dozens of games being showcased as part of the event from a variety of developers from around the world, including Chinatown Detective Agency, Eliza, Heaven's Vault, Mutazione, Yes, Your Grace, Beholder 2 and plenty more.

LudoNarraCon is an initiative from indie game publishing label Fellow Traveller, which aims to create a platform to spotlight and bring more attention to the many unique and upcoming narrative games being created around the world, all in a digital event format.

Ludanarrocon 2020 Main Image

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