Warzone 2100 is a real-time action and strategy game set on earth in the 21st century. Upon entering the postnuclear world of Warzone 2100, you establish your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new structures, and prepare your plans of global conquest. Each campaign features a large campaign map and six or more sub-maps. As key objectives are reached on the campaign map, missions are activated on the sub-maps. These missions are varied and feature everything from hit-and-run attacks to holding territory. The combat is fast and frantic with amazing effects and a true 3-D world with rotatable and zoomable cameras. Weapons range from bullets and lasers to explosive weapons that blast large areas of the highly detailed 3-D battlefield.

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I'm here to talk about things that have been going on around the warzone 2100 community. map makers-editworld,FlaME,Diorama(random map generator. Guides for every things from making maps and playing the game. Talk about mods and where to get them, and some things that are being worked on in future warzone versions.

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I'm here to talk about things that have been going on around the warzone 2100 community.

Building maps: many people on moddb have asked me how to go about creating maps for warzone

Updated EditWorld 32

This is the original map editor that came with warzone 2100 used to create maps/missions, updated to support the latest version of warzone. supports windows only
download here: Files.wz2100.net
you need this file after installing: Forums.wz2100.net

And so you can learn how to make great maps using edit world we have several learning guides.

EditWorld manual: Developer.wz2100.net

Visual tutorials

#1 tutorial manual How to make a new map in 14 easy steps:
#2 Developer.wz2100.net
#3 Developer.wz2100.net

Other tutorial: this is for the origainal retail version



A new updated world builder, and future replacement for Edit world. Still a work in progress eventual support for all versions that warzone supports
Windows: Mediafire.com
MacOSX: (note it is still very alpha) Forums.wz2100.net


Forums.wz2100.net"> Forums.wz2100.net


A random map generator for warzone 2100. This makes it easy to make maps for warzone.

offical website: Warzone2100.org.uk
about Diorama Warzone2100.org.uk

Dont want to make maps or mods! We have a place to rate and download them on our site

Addons.wz2100.net link

Guide.wz2100.net installing them is easy too!


Need help on the campaign we have detailed guide with lots of pictures and strategies.

want to learn how to play like the pros, or just learn to basics to keep from getting stomped on! two things then...
learn the tech tree and basics Guide.wz2100.net

Dylan's Professional Handbook Forums.wz2100.net

Mods and everything else new and upcoming

hardcore mod 2.0: is some how the game to easy for you? this mod makes the campaign much more difficult. link to page

skirmish AI: ver 2.1.1 (21 Apr 2010)
: advance skirmish ai

Limits:Mod that increases limits!

5 Factories, 25 Research Facilities and Power Generators, 15 Repair
Facilities, 25 of each Fortress, 10 Uplinks, 5 LasSats and unlimited
VTOL Pads. If you want more: you don't.

Art Revolution: "When combined With the new graphics renderer of trunk, The AR mod will
appear hi-def and smoothed. Art Revolution tries to stay within the style of the
old models but with better quality and depth"

M1A2 Abrams: puts the USA's main battle tank in warzone

T1 mod: limits the game to level 1 tech

campaign time limit mod: another mod that makes the campaign harder by rushing you through the game.

mod manager: helps to select which mods you would like enabled
dl link Forums.wz2100.net

----------------------------upcoming things
warzone 2120 mod a sequal mod to warzone somewhat more ambitous than most current mods. it will add 2 new factions to the game ICARUS and DAWN. change many textures and models along with new things for the current factions.

sneak peak at upcoming warzone 2100 versions:

  • gates
  • dedicated air-to-air weapons
  • ECM
  • Lua scripting support
  • Research queue
  • naval units
  • jetpack cyborgs


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Its a a shame everybody forgot about Warzone 2100. Itll always be one of the best games that i ahev ever played. For anyone that like the unit construction i recommend Earth 2150 and Earth 2160.

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i need help on wz2100 how do u assign units to sensor

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