Explore a new world, a new Space

Warped Space is ...

An open world scifi adventure, set in deep space, encounter ships and creature, some hostile some not, explore different environments scattered across the dark. Gather resources and equipment as you uncover the mystery of WarpdSpace. Explore on foot or eva discovering alien bases, outposts, wrecks and more....

Explore WarpedSpace via starship, on foot or EVA to discover alien bases, ancient ruins, outposts, wrecks and more…

WarpedSpace’s environments range from dry desserts to treacherous ice island planets, alien outposts asteroid belts and more. Manage your food, oxygen and water supply as you explore space and land, discovering outposts, wrecks and bases through out the system. You may discover some life: Some times helpful, often harmful.

Build a sci-fi survival adventure game with engaging ship to ship pve and on foot fps gameplay with immersive story line.

Game is in early development...
Game assets are mostly placeholder and will be updated after the building blocks and base game mechanics are close to complete as I am a developer and not a 3D artist.

Land and Explore:

It's dark in space, only distant stars dotted about giving you a sense that you are alone
Strange debris scatter the emptiness destroyed ships, abandoned space stations
and space islands.
What close encounters await you ...
How will you survive among the stars...

Repair :
- repair your ship with handheld repair tool

Exploration :
- Explore Space, discover abandoned and not so abandoned outposts and other REDACTED places.
- EVA in Space explore wrecks, etc.

Procedurally Generated Base Interior - without exterior ;)

Base Building - Create a place to hand your hat

You may discover some life: Some times helpful, sometimes not...

Mining Drones

Updated Environmental Effects - Added In August 2021

EMP Mines

Remote Console
The Remote Console lets you access your ships systems remotely,
if you need to turn shields on remotely for some reason.

Resource Gathering

Salvage Updated

Updated MDF

MDF: Scanning / Power Management / HUD Settings

Hacking and more ...

Warped Space is currently in Pre-Alpha, we are currently testing ideas and adding features. A very exciting phase. If you would like to follow the game or give your suggestion as to what you would like to see in this game then join our discord or find us on twitter. @WarpedSpaceGame

Tell Me More.....

Awoken from stasis into an unexpected and hostile environment, the traveler must explore the mysteries of WarpedSpace.

WarpedSpace creates environments that provide opportunities to immerse yourself in a Sci-Fi world like no other.

Exploration is key in this open-world adventure and leaving the comforts of your ship to explore caves and wrecks may result in untold rewards.

To bring the world to life-- Creatures may find your ship more appetizing than you-- but you and your ship may not always be the most enticing items on the menu.

Organic and inorganic lifeforms with needs or goals may ignore you unless you get in their way. Not everything is out to kill you so choose your actions wisely. Encounters with hostile forces may be too much to handle so escape may be a smarter and more thrilling strategy than expected.

Being mindful of where you leave your ship will play a critical role when a quick escape is key. Masking or lowering your ship's signature will be useful when operating in more hostile areas and can protect against creatures that might be drawn to it.

Explore, hunt, harvest, build and upgrade to survive and uncover the mysteries of WarpedSpace.

Wake up, traveler. THEY are coming!


TrackIR support added.
Joystick support added.
Find our Daily Dev Log on our Official Discord:

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Greetings Scifi Fans, Welcome to the 5th development update for WarpedSpace.

Awoken from stasis into an unexpected and hostile environment,
the hunter / explore must discover the mysteries of WarpedSpace
or just build a HAB and hide away in deep space.

November Progress

New Smarter FPS Ai Variant was worked on and added to the game.

The player's ability to equip and un-quip weapons and useable was also improved upon.

The ship's signatures were added are now visible on the MDF display giving you an idea of how invisible you may or may not be to other ships.

The Ship's surroundings now affect your signature. Giving you the ability to run, hide and escape from hostiles. Parking your ship next to a large asteroid will make the ship less detectable to other ships who may be roaming the area.

The player is now locked into place while Editing the name's
of Storage Container, Location Beacons etc.

Location Beacons can now be crafted & placed at points of interest you might want to
find your way back to.
Location beacon visibility can be toggled via the ship's cockpit, thus keeping the HUD clean.

After feedback from pre-alpha testers, cruise mode for ship flight was added.
With cruise mode off you have better control over your ship for landing and maneuvering around.
With cruise mode on you maintain speed, without having to hold down for long flights.

A Proof of Concept Item, the Bounty Tracker Item was added to the game.
The Bounty Tracking Item will show up in your ship if you have it in your inventory. Allowing you to Track a target via the Bounty Tracker.

Improvements were made to the "Creature Manager", the manager maintains the levels of creatures in given areas taking into account creatures that have been killed by the player or other events.

Ship Setup was improved, slots now only accept correct item types.
Fuel / Weapons / Power Source.
New Success & Failed SFX were also created and added.

Then I investigated having different Shield Shapes including Dome Shield creating some interesting use cases. ie. Bunker or Landing Pad Shields vs Ship Bubble shields etc.

Later various ground and cave textures were improved.

Ships are also now able to equip and use different weapons.
Some of the new ship weapons are now Craft-able.

Orange, Red, Purple Energy Weapons, and various new collectible and craft-able items were added to the game for example Ice Fragments, Energy Projectile Variants, Crystals, and various metals used in crafting.

Not everything will be craft-able, some components will be found as you explore WarpedSpace.

Various Interact Buttons were added to ships which can be activated by "Holding - F " and clicking with the mouse.

Then the foundation for Twitch Integration was added ~
Allowing the possibility for "Chat" to Troll or Help the player.

Radiation Belts were added along with new collectibles in those belts.
Proximity radiation affects the player's resistance until it reaches zero.
- Upon Reaching Zero - The player's health is then affected.

A Ship Power Manager tab was added to the ship's MDF.
This will allow you to divert power in cases where components get damaged and also boost different ship systems under normal operation.

Persistence for the ships MFD States was also added.

Next, I worked on the ability to shoot down missiles and missile-like objects. A feature I have wanted to add from the start of the project, this does seem to make combat all-around more fun.

Then Ships shields were made easier to interact with and all ships were updated to the new standards.

Initial Joystick Support for Flying Ships was implemented along with the setting option to enable it.

Ships now slow to a stop when turning the engines off. Instead of stopping instantly.

Lastly, I reworked the Character Controller for full EVA movement allowing the player to have 6 degrees of freedom while floating around space.

That's all for this week! Remember you can keep up to date with our development progress
by joining the discord or following me on twitter @warpedspacegame o7

WarpedSpace Discord

Until the next update, see you in WapedSpace!

Development Update #4 - Scifi Open World Adventure

Development Update #4 - Scifi Open World Adventure

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Greetings Space Game & Scifi Fans, welcome to the Fourth Development Update for WarpedSpace. Awoken from stasis into an unexpected and hostile environment...

Scifi Game - August Progress Video - Sneak Peek

Scifi Game - August Progress Video - Sneak Peek


WarpedSpace is an sci-fi survival adventure game set in deep space. A massive, open environment full of wonder and peril awaits you!

Development Update #3 - Exploring Space

Development Update #3 - Exploring Space


Greetings Space Game & Scifi Fans, welcome to the third development update for WarpedSpace. Even more progress updating and adding features to our open-world...

Scifi Survival Space Game Trailer & Gameplay Dev Progress July 2021

Scifi Survival Space Game Trailer & Gameplay Dev Progress July 2021


WarpedSpace is an sci-fi adventure game set in deep space. A massive, open environment full of wonder and peril awaits you!


Keeping my eye on this one!

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Looks cool!

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warpedspace Creator

Happy New Year !

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cant wait to play it :)

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