Explore a new world, a new Space

WarpedSpace is an sci-fi adventure game set in deep space. A massive, open environment full of wonder and peril awaits you!

Piloting your ship and explore space and the star systems surrounding you,
take missions including transport cargo, bounty missions, rescue and retrival missions,
you never know what you will discover ....

Build a sci-fi survival adventure game with engaging ship to ship pve and on foot fps gameplay with immersive story line.
Still debating survival 'lite' managing oxygen, food and other resources.
Further features include signature scanning, exploration on foot & "eva" from your ship, faster than light travel, and alien environments "NDA"

Game is in early development...
Game assets are temporary and will be updated after the building blocks and base game mechanics are close to complete as I am a developer and not a 3D artist.

It's dark in space, only distant stars dotted about giving you a sense that you are alone
Strange debris scatter the emptiness destroyed ships, abandoned space stations
and space islands.
What close encounters await you ...
How will you survive among the stars...

Features / Main Game Focus:

Piloting your ship :
- Fun to fly and fight

Survive : (possibly : survival lite)
Oxygen , food resources

Eva - Exit your ship and do whatever...

Repair :
- repair your ship with handheld multi tool, and other NDA means

Scanning :
- Scanning down "things" in the universe

Exploration :
- From inside your ship scanning
- Eva Scanning
- uncover alien artifacts with your hand help scanner /multi tool

- Bounty Hunting
- Transport
- Rescue
more to follow....

Faster than light travel

FPS - Explore "enemy" bases and pew pew / loot loot
PvE - Player vs Environment ....

Possible Features:
Ship Repair - exit your ship and repair hull damage


Added basic Joystick support.
Added different camera modes / views
Added Warp to coordinates.
Updated warp effect.
Updated ship weapon system.
Updated Enemy Ship AI logic.
Added Turret Item and weapon and firing.
Added on foot Player weapon and firing. (fps like)
Inventory System
Ship Configuration
EVA / Spacewalk - Updated

Mobile Turrets update - mobile and lootable
Looting system

Mouse sensitivity Config Added.
Step 1 of persistence
Procedural generation of base locations to visit.

Dev Focus :
All building blocks needed to make the game
Procedural Bases / Space Station

1st Quarter Updates (2019) :
Equipment / Inventory System update

1st Quarter Updates (2018) :
- Updated Flight System
- Updated UI

2nd Quarter Updates (2018) :
- UI and Game play elements added

3rd Quarter Updates (2018) :
- More UI and Game play elements added
- Ship Power management update
- Closing base game-play loop
- More UI Additions

4th Quarter Updates (2018) :
- Environment Interaction
- Stand In Elements
- Part 1 of Eva rework (stand in model)
- Control Updates
- Environment Update (30/12/2018)
- Environment Interaction (31/12/2018)

2019 Update : (Q2)
- Resumed development.
- Added small environmental effects
- Directional Sound

2019 Update : (Q3)
- Re-implementing Persistence
- basic lighting

August 2019
Re Implemented Inventory system / including pickup & drop item in the universe
Worked on 3 basic upgrade elements for concept demo
Added stand in tech for Long Range Scanning / Points of Interest
Worked on persistence between play sessions
Persistent Inventory
Persistent location and vehicle
Probe's Attack Player
Probe's Armor/Damageable/Destroy-able

September 2019
Hand held Scanning - Scanner Item Pickup / Scan Effect / Scan Sound
Weapon Swapping. eg: gun / scanner
Scanned Item Readout
Loot Spawn-er when destroying loot-able enemies
Location Spawning on demand

May 2020 Development
Started adding a missions system.
Npc mission giver (wip)
Mission Waypoint markers (wip)

Mission Types:
Bounty Hunting

Next : (not necessarily in dev order)
Re-Integrate Inventory into new 2020 Build
- Re-Implement Scanning

- Develop players character (animations etc)
- New artwork / 3D Models
- Sound
- Lighting


multi-platform - after release

Will possibly support other platforms in the future...

Join our discord and help shape the game :


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warpedspace Creator

Happy New Year !

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cant wait to play it :)

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