Warped Times is a story platformer game with very unique levels placed in two worlds. Face the darkness and save the world by connecting all pieces of the magic stone!

Game's history and inclusion

The story of the Warped Times is set before my earlier game Warped Times: Pres3nt. The game has a standalone story and it's actually the predecessor of previous Warped Times game, because this game is a remake of the first game in the series which was published only in my country.

I decided to make this remake, because I like the story of the original game and I wanted to remake the game with modern technologies and much better level and game design, and also share it with whole world :)

About gameplay

Game is divided into levels where your goal is to connect two pieces of stone. Some level has two worlds, between which you can switch by special buttons. Levels are set in several environments, each with characteristic gameplay and an epic boss at the end.

Development and plans

The game is still in early development, but because I have the old original game, I have a clear vision about the story and the game. Now my goal is completing the alpha version with a few complete levels and game intro. The game will first come out on PC, with an Android version coming soon after. I will share any news here and if my game interests you, I will be very glad if you will follow the development.

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End of the productive week


Third level will be placed on the farm and I have some interesting ideas with the dark flowers. I hope there will be some free weekend for further work on this, of course I will share any progress :)

At the end, there are a fully ready spikes with animations. The spikes in the old game was created by image animation, but because new game will run without FPS limits, it has to be fluent, so I decided to make the spikes movement by code. For now it works very well, but I’m afraid of any level designs, where there will be no space under the ground for hiding the spikes. But now it’s not my problem yet :)

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First words about the project

First words about the project


Some first words about the development of Warped Times

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