Three alien species: The Ohm, The Kovos, The Coalition. One planet... Kaladi, a veritable utopia rich in resources and beauty, one of the galaxies most coveted, guarded, and hidden treasures. Until now. Three conflicting agendas: life, faith, a new beginning. One option... You must choose your side and claim this world for your race, laying waste to your enemies as you strive to attain dominance on a futuristic battlefield. Three different paths... One war...

WarPath is a fast-paced FPS game featuring a unique single-player mode that allows gamers to battle for control of different territories, each providing distinct strategic advantages. Once players have honed their skills in the single-player missions, they can jump online and let the real action begin.


  • Three different races to choose from, each with their own unique weapon load-out and appearance.
  • Three land-based vehicles.
  • Eight weapons, including the Wolverine, Tyrant, Javelin, Judge, Vanguard, Vibro Blade, and EMAD, allowing for a highly diversified range of play styles.
  • Weapons can be upgraded to unlock more functionality and greater destructive force with each new level.
  • Unreal engine and Havok physics technology provide stunning visuals and effects.
  • Four modes of intensely addictive multiplayer action--Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Frontline Assault.
  • 25 multiplayer levels that take players across the diverse environments of the Kaladi System.
  • Support for 2 to 16 players via LAN or online, allowing battles to be intimate grudge matches, or all out clan carnage!
  • Access to all the weapons and upgrades that players unlocked and mastered in the single-player campaign.
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WarPath the MP Sequel


Well, what can I say? The sequel called Warpath is missing on moddb as its own page. Which I find rather sad because it's not as bad on itself as Pariah was in many ways and I think if they made a real singleplayer for it despite the poor sales of Pariah, it would have been a much better game. There's a lot of leftover pariah/seuel content in here but I guess without Pariah it is not really usable for SP even though the basics etc exist so it is possible to make mod and there is a sp gametype so modders could make singleplayer levels.

I'd rate warpath 7/10 which is higher than I did with Pariah. There is a commandline option called -quickstart which doesn't seem to be documented which removes the ads from the beginning of the game which is good if you want a quick match.

Eh well, its alright I guess after all. If you like Pariah you should check out warpath and the games can compliment each other. I think somene needs to create a page for it despite it being so obscure. It has a full unrealed although it lacks the simplified editor from pariah, not sure why as this is primarily multiplayer and quick way to make maps would be welcome I think.

But hey, it has ucc and it has editor and that's all someone needs to make mods really. I would have liked to see how it started because pariah/warpath does have some interesting leftover files even for cube map effects which show some ancient ruins not unsimilar to stuff in ut2 etc. But very little info on the developement on pariah is there and whether it started as an addon for unreal warfare or not. However the Shroud/Ohm etc are virtually identical even in the class structure to the Geist who were the prototype "Locust" but back then they were like Borgified Necris, which is especially what Ohm are in Warpath as they are step further from Shroud even. All the files still refer to them as Shroud anyways.

The gameplay is rather solid, worth a try. I think Doom 2016 took some inspirations from here for the multiplayer honestly and the looks of some stuff.

The weapon mechanics are basically the same except the upgrades go in different order than in warpath and the pulsegun/rifle is more of a callback to the unfinished warfare/old ut pulsegun and of course the doom's plasma rifle ultimately. Which is a very good change imo.

After a while the game does get a little old but it has consistent quality unlike games like Devastation, which I rated high for all the good it brought, but that game has high and lows like an unstable weather while warpath stays the same for most of the time and the gameplay is above average.

It has some really nice backgrounds with that giant walking robot who I think was once a planned enemy for the real singleplayer game that got dropped. Instead it brings back a concept similar to how the warfare was planned originally. Kind of like a strategy game turned dm/ctf/assault. And it has a unique boss battle level, which you can't play in instant action or multiplayer. Which is bad but all you have to do is save the level with another name and toggle off the "doesn't show up in menu" option in the levelsummary. Then you can play it as a regular dm map which is good.

The rules of play in the "singleplayer" mode are different and players never drop ammo or the upgrade modules. Instead your number of upgrade modules is set by how well you've been doing etcetera and your updates reset each time you die which is different from the regular mp game.

The different races unfortunately don't have much difference apart that in singleplayer mode you start with different weapons. And the others you have to unlock by winning certain matches.

The music is superb though and one of the highlights of this game.

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Boss Bot Map and Test

Boss Bot Map and Test

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

I decided to upload this because this makes the Dm Boss map avaiable as a regular level for online/offline play without having to go through the campaign...

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