Walk & Slash is a RPG game, based on GPS and immersive Augmented Reality scenes. The game now consists of short games, where the player must collect a number of diamonds ... and survive the monster attacks. Walk... -Walk in you real environment to find diamonds ... and Slash -Look around with your device. -Fight creatures that appear on the real world. -You can also collect objects by clicking on treasures History: Since you've found this Crystal, you're starting to have strange visions... At first, these visions were succinct and rare. But you thought your imagination was playing tricks on you. And then, real forms started to appear, blurred at first, then more and more sharp, until you discerned creatures. Have you gone mad? That's what you thought. But when one of these creatures came to attack you, the pain of his blow was very real.

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Who are we?

I am a freelance worker who officiates in Web and Mobile development.
Walk & Slash was developed between the contracts I make for my clients.
It was done during my free time, evenings and weekends.

The soundtrack and sounds were created by Bat Kalaayan


For the moment, the game is available only on Android.
An IPhone version is planned.
For the combat phases, several ideas have been tried.
The player moves in the virtual world using GPS.

The little note:
The game is 100% 100 made in France.


WALK & SLASH is compatible with 99% of current devices.
The studio and our team:
DEVELOPMENT: An original idea of ​​Cédric
SOUND FX & MUSIC: Bat Kalaayan
THANKS: Kalaayan and... Cédric

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