Vortex Online is a next generation game in which you can do a vast array of activities, from adventure to fighting in a world war two shooter. Your story starts as being awakened from a deep slumber, in a cold and dimmly lit laboratory dorm. You soon find our your a US Government test subject for its most highly classified Black Program. Your role, to be the first to travel through time and space. With this new super weapon, players can travel to any dismension, or time. Players can play through multiple games and styles. This list includes anything from Racing, to MMORPG's, to FPS's, to anything else you can think of. This style lets players switch from game to game within a couple of seconds, saving the need to download another game to join your friends. The first style we are doing is a Medieval RPG, where players will experience new styles of gameplay that pushes your abilites to the brink.

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ineedcash12 Admin
Nov 29 2012 Anchor

We are going to post our monthly plans and goals here, to let everyone know of progress on devlopment.

December 2012 - January 2013

[ } Import 25 sq KM of test terrain
[ ] Create some building indoor assets
[ ] Build prototype village
[ ] Finish player armour leather concept artwork
[ ] Make video showing village
[X] Brace for end of world on December 21st :carefree:

I will post Images of work on here and on the images tab.

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