You’ve come a long way from your home country and finally arrived at an uninhabited island. All you brought along is the bare minimum of tools and food. Secure your food for the day, fell trees, crush rocks, and build a shabby hut from scratch with your own hands to survive! Kindly look after vagabonds you meet during survival, and they’ll help you as villagers. Don’t miss the merchant ships that come by on a whim, either! Protect your village from enemies and bring back valuable materials from caves! Lead your villagers to happiness as the village chief!

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Japanese individual game creator Junya Nobuhara officially announced the development of survival & colony sandbox game “VISM” on October 6, 2022. The game’s official website and Steam page were also released accordingly.

“VISM” is in development for PC as a full-scale colony sandbox game. Players can customize the characters representing them and experience collection, crafts, and survival on an ever-changing, randomly generated deserted island map. Players can also meet ragged vagabonds who have come adrift, welcome them as villagers, and cooperate with them to cultivate and develop their own unique villages. The game is characterized by its high level of freedom as players can control most objects and landscapes within the island.

The developer drew inspiration for the game system of this project from multiple simulation games, MMOs, and sandbox games, but questioned the focus on destruction and despoliation over production, preservation, and expansion in most of them. As such, “VISM” is being developed as a title that strongly focuses on such values. In many aspects, such as its art style, it is also heavily influenced by top-down view pixel art RPGs often seen in Japanese titles from the 1980s and 1990s.

VISM - Game Feature:

  • SURVIVAL ON DESERT ISLAND - Being aware of hunger needs and the weather to manage your health and resources for the entire colony to be able to pass the harsh winter is a task that is harder than you think.
  • BUILDING FREEDOM - Start with a single floor or wall piece to construct buildings anywhere on the island. Furniture can be placed and rotated any way you want. Your task is to create a comfortable village for your villagers.
  • COOPERATE VILLAGERS - Most tasks can be assigned to other villagers. You can use your newly found time to go on adventures or even hone your cooking skills to please your comrades.
  • TOURISM INDUSTRY - If you create an attractive village with a good enough reputation, you might receive tourists from overseas. Earn foreign currencies to develop your village further.
  • COLONY DEFENSE - People hearing about your village’s reputation aren’t always necessarily good people. Put up protective barriers, prepare defensive facilities, and ward off invading foes.
  • REPLAYABILITY - Randomly generated seed-based maps allow for different experiences every time you play! How will you live on an island without crop seedlings or medicinal ingredients?
  • MYSTERY OF THE ISLAND - Unnatural rifts in the ground, mossy altar ruins, and decaying homes. There are still countless secrets on this island waiting to be discovered.

After over five years of development by individual game developer Junya Nobuhara, the VISM project and its official website have now been made public for the first time. With the release of this information, he hopes to seek publishers and external production collaborators to accelerate the project toward its public release within 2023.

About the Developer:Junya Nobuhara has over ten years of experience in mobile service and mobile game production, and utilizes that knowledge and experience to independently develop VISM for PCs. This is his first full-scale stand-alone game title.

Game Name: VISM
Scheduled Release Date: in 2023
Developer Name: Junya Nobuhara(Individual game developer) Base in Japan
Publisher Name: TBA
Genre: Survival Sandbox/Village Simulation
Platforms: Steam(PC)ESRB: TBA
Official site:<
Press Kit:
Steam Store Page:

or DM at

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source engine game? lol

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h4uja2 - - 19 comments

No way this is on source engine

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