Visions is an historical MMORPG set in the 2nd century Roman Empire. It is a quest and skill based game with three primary quest tracks: Professions, History, Bible. We are currently in the Alpha stage of development, but players can buy access to the test server with a one time payment. Presently we are working on developing the island of Cyprus with historical city location, archeological landmarks, and working on getting game functionality implemented. It is being created by an entirely volunteer team. Developers can apply to join us by filling out the volunteer application form on our website. Players can support us financially, prayerfully, and socially by telling their friends. We hope to see you online in Visions!

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The Visions team really is giving away free download access to the Visions Alpha client during Passover week! Check out the official Visions game website. They have implemented some special Passover and Easter themed content for the Spring event also, while still working on adding content for the full game.

There are baby chicks now! Players can also harvest trees to get logs, and break open rocks to find special rock crystals. Soon it will be possible to craft items out of the ingredients that can be gathered from the environment. This is a great opportunity for players to get their friends in the game with them and see what the team has being "hatched".

Players can catch up with other fans in the Visions community by joining the Facebook page and registering on the official Visions forums also. The most important thing right now though is to download the client while it's still free. This is the full version of the client. It is not crippled or a limited time trial version. They just want more players to log in and experience the game they have been working on and build up the player community. Bring a friend!

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Visions - Alpha client

Visions - Alpha client

Full Version

This is the installer for the full version of the Visions alpha test client. Visions is a Christian MMORPG being developed by an entirely volunteer team...

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