Dynamic MMO Action and Racing with RPG elements, where Mechanics fiercely fight on their Battle Cars.

What is Vigor Roads?

VigorRoads - an online game in post-apocalyptic action style with RPG elements, based on dynamic session PvP-battles with vehicles, closed-circuit races and PvE-missions.

Welcome to the future “Mad Max” style, where tanks have become obsolete machines, devouring fuel for nothing, and have been replaced by rugged cars, streamlined for battle. In this new cruel world you have to fight hard for a precious resource called “Vigor”, that can help you to survive in this insane war scenario. Choose your car class, install deadly weapons on your vehicle, become the best mechanic and battle against other players in this vast dying world in online mode.


Upgrade your four wheeled monster with hundreds of mods, make it look unique with the help of an advanced customization system, boost its firepower to the skies with a vast variety of weapons in the arsenal, but remember: if your car is stopped, you are not - so better take care of the safety of your Mechanic!

Your character is as important as the car. The unique abilities and agile progression system of your Mechanic will allow you to unleash the full potential of VigorRoads, even the most fearsome car is just a heap of metal without the driver.

A number of exciting modes are featured in the game, everyone can find their own, with each mode requiring special tactics and various team play.

  • Carnage - two teams (5-10 players on each) battle against each other. The first team to kill their opponents’ Mechanics wins. Battles last up to 10 minutes, during the game time, day is changing to night. After sunset, Crawlers begin to hunt everyone. Crawlers are alien creatures created to mine and protect Vigor at any cost.
  • Circuit Racing - speed races, the goal is to get to the finish line first, no matter which way you have to do it.
  • Siege - two teams are each trying to destroy enemy outposts and protect their own, using not only vehicles but also any capability from the surrounding environment, for example, set a flock of Crawlers on an enemy base or gather enough resources to deploy alien robots, gain control over them and turn the tide of battle.
  • Survival - each team has a base with defensive structures, to activate these you need to gain resources, as much as possible before darkness falls. Waves of Crawlers start to attack the base at night. The goal is to survive until dawn.
  • Capture the vigor - capture the huge Vigor crystal from the opposing team and get it back to your base, before your opponents do it first.
  • Sprint - Race from point A to point B by any way possible.
  • Escort - Escort cargo from point A to point B, on a player controlled special load trolley while others provide protection. The opposing team must stop the cargo, even if they have to pay with their lives.
  • Escape - Co-op mode, a team of Mechanics is trying to escape the incoming calamity. The highest rewards will be given to the teams that don’t lose a single person.
  • Story missions - co-op missions, teach players to work as one team, tell them about what’s going on and help to discover the true landscape of the VigorRoads world.

In the lifeless expanse of the desert, you’re driving at 120 mph, it’s almost a record, and you can see the biggest jumps ahead and… at that moment some road hog in a junked up car cuts you off! Run him down, drag him out from behind the steering wheel, and kick him until you tar your shoes, but you can’t do it because the office jockey developers of the game welded your doors and windows shut? Are you familiar with that kind of annoying “situation”? VigorRoads won’t betray you like this, and allows your character to move about the game freely.

Your Mechanic is not simply a bag of bones, he is a full on member of your valuable game unit, even when you’ve lost your car. Having a vast variety of weapons and skills, your Mechanic can turn the tide of the battle.

It’s up to you whether you want to help your ally by jumping in their car, or capturing an enemy vehicle by ‘gently’ throwing the driver out.

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Unfortunately, we have to admit that the Kickstarter campaign did not raise enough money to be considered successful. Part of this is our fault, we were overconfident and have not been able to prepare the game build (that would be on par with our standards of quality).

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But we do not despair. We were able to take out a bank loan, and at the end of Summer/beginning of this Fall we will hopefully reveal the pre-alpha build of Vigor Roads. We’re seeing a great interest in the project, and we are confident that this build will help us find an investor or publisher. Plans for the release date of Steam Early Access stay the same - 2017.

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Follow us on social media and subscribe to the news on our website - Vigorroads.com

Our page @ Facebook - Facebook.com

Currently we are evaluating our options on how we can allow access to the pre-alpha version to all interested people this Fall.

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Vigor Roads received a Greenlight on Steam

Vigor Roads received a Greenlight on Steam

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We want to share great news with you Vigor Roads project received a Greenlight on Steam! Voting results exceeded our expectations.

The new MMO-game in post-apocalyptic action style

The new MMO-game in post-apocalyptic action style

News 3 comments

Hey you! Drivers and those dreaming of becoming drivers! Today, we annihilate all traffic rules and stomp on the gas! VigorRoads - an MMO-game in post-apocalyptic...


This is just what I want.

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Looks really cool, best of luck to you guys and keep it up!

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why it must be car fighting :) Can't it have open world and normal racing ? Or maybe connect car fighting with open world and racing ... :)

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As I understand it, it will have all the above. Did you click the "Read more" button?

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