As Violette Summer, a World War II-era British female spy operating deep behind enemy lines, attempt to help thwart the Nazi war effort.

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For what it is, this is decent game, the environment and sound design are really what make it shine, as for game play its hit or miss, when everything goes right then it's very fun, but if it doesn't and you die every 5 seconds cause you cant get past one part, then it takes you straight to your last checkpoint, and those are few and far between,that can be very unnerving for some people. the levels are exceedingly long, and the AI follows a specific route, so you must watch what they are doing while using the environment around you to stay hidden from enemies. mainly throughout the game you will be sneaking from shadow to shadow picking off enemies one by one, and then every so often at the end of a level, you will come across a part where you must run and gun as i'd like to say, things are exploding and you need to get from point A to point B in X amount of time while offing anyone in your way. that's where guns come in. Gun play in this game feels clunky, it feels like the main character has never held a gun before in her entire life. The only gun that is very effective is the Shotgun, but you have very few bullets so you must use them wisely. The pistols are only good if you can get a head shot, or to shoot barrels that may be explosive or contain toxic gas. but at the end of the day when everything is going right its so satisfying to sneak up on a unsuspecting person and just giving them a few stabs in the throat.

This game is challenging
The attention to detail is outstanding
the lighting effects set the mood perfectly
Interesting Story.
Poor firearm controls.
Can be frustrating when death is due to a control issue, and player must start back at the last checkpoint they passed.
Patience is needed to play this game.
It's challenging
Loosely based on a real person, and her experiences.


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