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May 18 2015 Anchor

I felt like putting this up since other than being the only way to really notify anyone about a new post (Thanks ModDB), this list has been gradually growing over time so it could use its own space. From various posts here I've mentioned that I made revisions to the F-15 and F-16 families. Since then, I've expanded to the F-4 and J-7 (This includes the F-7). A few things keep this from being ready to implement, but they are ready to be sent at a moment's notice.

Now, my list of pending revisions has exploded. Here's why: For those that have noticed, the list of Sub weapons has been rather small for a long time, leading to some erroneous results in aircraft armament. To remedy this, I've added Sub weapons and modified aircraft to use them. Once ready, aircraft will correctly appear with cannons like the M39, DEFA, Type 30, and GSh-23. The firing rate and muzzle velocity for nearly all existing Sub weapons have been adjusted with this addition of seven Sub weapons.

Since this change affects aircraft with incomplete loadouts, I'm also going to add or revise loadouts for these aircraft families. For clarity, when I say "prototype" in the list below, I'm referring to a weapons table drawn out on a spreadsheet.

  • F-15, revisions in-game; next revision on-hold
  • F-16, revisions in-game; next revision on-hold
  • F-4, revision uploaded
  • F-5, revision near-complete
  • J-7, revision upload pending
  • MiG-21, prototype complete
  • MiG-23, prototype complete
  • Jaguar, prototyping
  • Mirage F1, prototype complete
  • J-35, prototyping
  • XF10F, revision near-complete

If anyone else is taking part in the Round Table and making their own loadouts and something in this list is conflicting, I would like to know so we don't end up sending redundant files in the future.

19/5 Update: The F-5 and XF10F are nearly done now, but they're not able to be finalized until certain weapons are available. At the same time, there are some variants of MiG-21 (Late model), MiG-23, and Jaguar (British-type) that I'll be able to modify since they use existing content; those were just recently finished.

25/5 Update:

The F-104 SP loadouts have been expanded to use similar weapons from different service years. It is able to use what the game already has, so it was able to be done in full.

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