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Validate Mission/Challenge Target Time in the Editor (Games : Vector Thrust : Forum : Suggestion Box : Validate Mission/Challenge Target Time in the Editor) Locked
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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Feb 26 2015 Anchor

It's like something commonly used in Trackmania series to calculate author/platinum/gold/silver/bronze target time. Before you can "finish" your mission/challenge, you have to play your own mission once to validate the mission's target time/target score. Specifically for challenge/custom challenge, it has to be done using the plane/loadout specific for that challenge (not sure about loadout though since like 70% of them forces you to use gun & STD missile only or either).

So that the challenge target time/score doesn't have to be copypasted all over the place. Also to prevent something very wrong that may lead to the challenges being completely unplayable (due to no ammo at all or insta mission clear/fail) like in the current beta.

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