Fast pace cellshading flying action. Soar the skies as you take on the most vicious enemies above the ground. Experience an airborne adventure in an all new art style that will take you to something different and exciting. With the possibility to add just about anything you can imagine into the game, the sky it's not the limit. It's just the beginning.

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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Jan 16 2016 Anchor

A campaign idea I'll try to execute once I replace my toaster TBH VT is nearly no longer playable on my toaster atm

Loosely inspired by some games with sense of urgency that kills you (i.e the rebel fleet in FTL), AC5's arcade missions and generic '70s-'80s sci-fi "you're the last hope go there and kill the bad guy and his superweapon" plot

With a stolen superplane, a whole enemy army right behind your tail, and a seemingly impossible suicide mission to accomplish, you must break through the enemy defense lines alone and destroy their newly-build superweapon.

In every mission a (endless, actually) swarm of 25-level ace AI planes are placed far off-map and will slowly advance as time goes on, in which if you can't accomplish the objectives quick enough, well. Have fun surviving endless missile alerts. Not unlike AC5's Operation Katina, HP/ammo can only be replenished via shooting down certain target, and each mission's objective basically involving "kill X amount of objects" in which with your limited time & supplies, target prioritizing is essential to achieve the highest score.

Probably may involving branching paths too depending on which TGT object you kill during the mission, but let's save that for until TS fix mission editor any fixed further.

TL;DR it's more or less AC5 Arcade mode with pack of ace planes constantly going after you, more or less replacing the timer.

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