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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Oct 10 2014 Anchor

Usual deal, I'll rip plane skins from Sidewinder/Lethal Skies series (that's from where the X-16 came from). So far I've finished Lethal Skies 2/Sidewinder V (the last in the series).

Here's Lethal Skies 2, including all enemy plane skins. EXCEPT bomber/helo skins because they're too generic.
(update: fixed YF-23 skins' color)

Next, I'll do Lethal Skies: Team SW/Sidewinder F. Yes, that's mean I'll rip the original paint job of X-16. Done.

Forgot an important note: Some planes may have their texture with half the size of the default texture. It was intentional because there was a problem during ripping of some certain planes.

Mandatory naming convention:

Sidewinder F/Lethal Skies:
no suffix: default/friendly color, except for B-2
(2) : enemy color

Sidewinder V/Lethal Skies 2:
Anything with 4 skins - no suffix : alternate 1 color/airshow/weird yellow-blue combination, (2) : enemy color, (3) : default color, (4) : alternate 2/Lethal Skies-style color
Anything with 3 skins - no suffix : alternate 1 color/airshow/weird yellow-blue combination, (2) : default color, (3) : alternate 2/Lethal Skies-style color

Ripped textures from Sidewinder 2 (PSX), playable planes only since I don't know whether the baddies has different colored planes or whatsoever (or that they're too irrelevant). Also comes with a "portrait" of each plane to give you idea how it looked like.

Skins from the first PS2 game and the third in the series, Sidewinder MAX.

update: Looks like ripping the first Sidewinder/Bogey Dead 6 doesn't worth it. All skins are generic grey/camos like this
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