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Tony_Kito Professional MiG-29 admirer
Apr 5 2015 Anchor

Can we expect to see an upgrade on the general effects soon? To be honest, the explosions really lack that UMF a nice explosion needs to have. Besides, I think that given the unique artstyle of the game, there would be possibility for some really sick looking kabooms, akin to, say, Metal Slug's explosions.

Apr 5 2015 Anchor

Very possible with the addition of explosive reactions being able to use 3d meshes now.

Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Apr 6 2015 Anchor

I think pretty much every effect (including gun projectile mesh) has to be improved at certain point.


anon wrote:

There are only two things in this world worse than Vector Thrust; Star Citizen and No Man's Sky

'anon' wrote: Now I shall use this 'Vector Thrust Threshold' to measure how awful your product is

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