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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Mar 30 2015 Anchor

Since this start to getting in my nerves, how I can exactly adding the sound file to a dialogue? All the sound files have been placed in a folder with the same name as the mission name but it seems the game never able to find the said file (Unable to derive resource group for * automatically since the resource was not found.).

Oh, I've made sure it wasn't because of typo in entry/file name either. Maybe next time we should have combo box to choose the sound files inside the said folder.

After the previous discovery, I think it may be caused with the autosave function so that the editor seeks for Autosave_TestM folder instead of the actual one.

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Jul 19 2015 Anchor

I'm in the same boat now after actually having some lines to work with. I totally don't see how to get the game to recognize them.


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