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Feb 25 2015 Anchor

When it was first mentioned that objects with glowmaps would leave trails, I had taken the word literally and thought it would mean aircraft with glowmaps would have short trailing effects from navlights and such that follow the aircraft, something akin to this.

After playing the new version, I see that it also affects explosions, which I did not know were glowmaps; something I never checked. I'm not sure what this behavior is called, but I think this is the same method of trailing used in the mission Electrosphere of Ace Combat 3.

For aircraft glowmaps itself, I've seen that it's subtle and it looks pretty cool on the A-10, and it gives bullet projectiles more of a tracer effect, but it makes the explosions more jarring to look at, particularly when they occur in the middle of maneuvers or camera movement at long range where they streak across the screen.

Because I haven't seen what the effect does to aircraft with more developed glowmaps, I have nothing to say in that regard, but I think explosions and flames (destroyed aircraft and missile exhaust) should be exempt from this effect.

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Feb 25 2015 Anchor

Or simply having a graphics option to completely disable it.

Especially the flames and explosion blurs are hideous. The only thing that looked good is the bullet projectile.

For planes with glowmaps, it should only work in the darkness/night.

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There are only two things in this world worse than Vector Thrust; Star Citizen and No Man's Sky

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Feb 25 2015 Anchor

Yes I’ll make it optional, but when applied to effects I feel the other way around, I like the smudge it makes with explosions and flames but don’t like it as much with bullet trails and especially the missile exhaust

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