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Any easy way to override missile sounds? (Games : Vector Thrust : Forum : Mod Support : Any easy way to override missile sounds?) Locked
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OrbiKitsune Silly Furry
Nov 1 2015 Anchor

Since I noticed most if not all missiles use the same launch sound, I was trying to replace the sounds with the sounds from Ace Combat Zero by recording missile launches in the game. When I went to look for the files, missile launch sounds are named in a format such as: "[missile name]-[model]_Fire" instead of all using a single sound effect despite all files being the same sound.

So my question is, unless TS plans on making differentiated sounds in a update soon or changes all the sounds into a generic sound with a single file similar to the explosion sounds (which I previously released a mod to replace with ACZ's sound effects), is there any way to override all sound effects into a single file, or if possible, replace all files quickly instead of one by one?

The ACZ sound files are here if anyone has the know-how to do something like that, both in WAV and OGG format.

Thanks in advance.


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