Huge destructable sandbox world. Craft your tools and build a house. Explore the beautiful procedurally generated world. Play with friends on your own server.

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The aim of this release was to concentrate on damage handling in game, this is a mandatory basic feature for future development.
We create game play features around it, that we hope will give more depth to the game. This will make playing the game more challenging.

Here are more details of the main new features that have been released.

Energy bars

Article files

The first thing we did, was to develop a way for user to know about its current life points. We choose a standard bar representation for it. But quickly we added 2 others bars : one for the stamina, and one for the oxygen. These bars are placed at the screen top left border.
Nothing really fancy here concerning the visualization of these, just note that the Oxygen bar is hidden when full.
As soon as you go in a situation where your oxygen is not at 100%, the bar will popup :

Energy bar2

Let's talks about the 3 values represented by these bars :

  • Life bar [Red one] : This bar is representing the player life points remaining. More on the damage handling below.
  • Stamina [Yellow one] : This bar is representing the player stamina, stamina is a value that is needed to perform some actions. Without stamina these actions cannot be activated. The stamina is slowly going up automatically. The action that are consuming it (for the moment) are : Running, and jumping.
  • Oxygen [Blue one] : This bar is representing the quantity of oxygen in your body, as soon as the amount of oxygen reach 0, your start to lose life ! You are beginning to lose oxygen if you go under water.

Damage handling

There are several ways to affect the player life points. You start losing health point if :

  • You fall from too high ! The quantity of damage will be proportional to the fallen distance.
  • Another player, is striking you with a weapon. The damage will depend of the weapon used by the player.
  • Your oxygen bar is empty.

As soon as you take damage, you should see your health bar going down, hear a "Hurt" sound and see "Blood" particles in front of your screen.
If another player is taking damage, you should see blood particles from the player "hit" point and see its life bar above its head going down. (This bar is only visible of player life is below 100%)
Hitting a player with a weapon is "easy", first equip a weapon like the sword. Then click somewhere on the player bounding box. We are able to detect the location where a player has been touched. This way it will be possible later on to make more/less damage following the place where the damage hit as been made (Less damage on the legs, more on the head, ...).

Compared to stamina, the player is not able to regenerate its life point automatically.

The Death, and the Outer-World.

Article files

When a player lose all its life points, it goes into a dead state. This mean several things for the player :

  • He will left at its dead location a grave, where all its belongings will be transferred.

  • Article files

  • Without life, the player body is disintegrated, leaving its soul alone in the Outer-world. The Soul or ghost of the player is living in this special dimension where it cannot be seen by other players. The soul is able to fly, but cannot alter the world and can only "move" into it.
Article files

The soulstone

Article files

The only current way for a player to retrieve its normal body, and go out of the Outer-world is the go back to its SoulStone. The soulstone is a precious stone that can be crafted by the player.
Its a very fragile item, that will be destroyed when removed. It is also an unic item that is binded to a player (can only be removed or used by its owner).
It is containing a magical power that can reconnect the soul of its owner to the real world, and give him back a body form.

Article files

In case if the player dies, and has not created its soulstone, the player will have to go back to its session spawn location.
The soulstone has also another very interesting use : It is creating an AOE (Area of effect) heal for its owner. It means that under a specific distance it will automatically heal its owner !

The Compass

Article files

You have maybe remarked a new interface tool at top right corner of your screen. Its the compass. it is a multi purpose tool.
It gives you information concerning :

  • Your orientation.
  • The time of day
  • When you place your soulstone, a binding is created between it and the crystal under the compass, as soon you face your soulstone direction, this crystal will begin to glow red.
Article files


We have also added on the release : seasons. It means now that from one day to another you can have change in both : temperature and humidity (That will modifiy the region temp. and humidity).
The season can be configured into the realm editor. You can define a season duration by giving a number of days, and after that assign to each season its own temperature offset and moisture/humidity offset.
These two value have (for the moment) only a visual impact on landscape texture that have been designed for it. (For instance the grass and foliage blocks).

Here is an idea of the impact that different season can have on the look and feel of the same landscape :

Dry / Hot weather :

Different seasons

Dry / Cold weather :

Different seasons

Humid / Hot weather :

Different seasons

Humid / Cold weather :

Different seasons

Temperate weather :

Different seasons

New Items

Few new items were added. Here is the basement with wine barrels

New entities

And the penthouse with a bed and a table with food


Check the model store to see all new items.

Hope you will enjoy this release as we do to make it ! :)
Feel free to report bug, or discus the game play change we add !

Download the game

Utopia Realms update 1.1.9

Utopia Realms update 1.1.9

News 2 comments

Hello guys! Huge work has been done last days. We are ready to release Utopia Realms 1.1.9. Meet the workbench and the furnace. They allow you to craft...

Join the closed alpha test

Join the closed alpha test


Utopia Realms is a voxel sandbox game in early stage of development. Get the access to the closed Utopia Realms alpha test. We need your opinion and feedback...

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OMG no... Don't tell me it's been discontinued.

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i wanna particapate my i have already a sandbox name its tristanverdam

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i too would love to test this out it looks a lot better then minecraft ;)

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i want to be part of it, im already register for sandbox: reddragon799
i agree with the guy below

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I want to be part of it, im already register for sandbox: reddragon799

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I Love It! Things you should add: - Ships -Dragons - Horses - Block editor with this editor you can make custom items like a chair

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Will this be a F2P?

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