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How Convert a DooM map to UT wich like the same sizes for the player. Converting firts to Duken Nuken and after from Duke Nuken to t3d file (openable from UnrealEd).

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How Convert a DooM map to UT

Well, this tutorial is for people that like to remake or convert his old DooM map to Unreal Tournament.

A important note. Wich this metod, you only can recover the geometry of the level. Nothing more. But the end job, look very prety in UT99 (the level look wich the same size), and using some UT maping techniques can make a awesome maps.

For this tutorial,you will need this :
-Wad2Map : Convert a DooM Map to Duken Nuken
-IWAD : A working Iwad file, that need Wad2Map to work
-DukeUnr : Convert a Duken Nuken Map to T3D format (importing/exporting format of UnrealEd)

The metod is : WAD(DooM) to Duken Nukem and from Duke, to T3D format. The T3D file are imported in UnrealEd, and you will have the geometry of the level (wcih some BSP Holes that you will need to fix)

DukeUnr.exe is easy to find wich Gogle, like WAD2MAP (add Duke word to acoid problems wich a similar program taht convert wad to Quake)

[page=WAD to Duke Nukem]

WAD to Duke Nukem - WAD2MAP

This is easy part of the job.

Command line of Wad2Map : Wad2Map (PWADName) IWADName MapName (scriptName)

(PWADName) = Optional PWAD file that contain your map. If your map are in a IWAD, you not need to use this option.

IWADName = A valid IWAD file , like FreeDooM or DooM.wad. If your map is from DooM 1, you need yto use a DooM 1 iwad, and if is fa DooM2 map, you will need a DooM 2 Iwad

MapName = The level in the PWAD/IWAD (E1M1 or MAP01 for example)

scriptName = Not necesary for this tutorial

Example : wad2map c:\doom\doom e1m1

This will create a e1m1.map file we can convert to Unreal Tournament in the second Part of the tutorial.

[page=From Duke Nukem to UnrealEd]

From Duke Nukem to UnrealEd- DUKEUNR

This very easy. Only you must put a command line likr this :

dukeunr.exe e1m1.map e1m1.t3d

Creating a T3D file wich the level geometry. Now you must run UnrealEd and import it, recovering the geometry of the level.

T3D is a ascii formt of Unreal, i thinked about create a direct conversion tool (T3D format are easy), but i need time for this and the hard work will be in read the WAD map and interpretate the geometry.

The last stage of the job is the more funy part and more hard work need. Is readapting the map and fixing BSP Holes that create dukeunr.

[page=Work in UnrealEd]
When you load the geometry in Unrealed and rebuild all, you will discover that are soem BSP Holes and some geometry not are optimized for the Unreal Engine.

For Example, a room wich colums in DooM, are a single Sector wich "Holes". When you recover it in UnreaLed, you will see a very complex Brush that have the columns.

You can improve tha game perfomance creating a more simple bsp brushes. How ?? You now have the original geometry and you can recover the sizes, so you can create a more simple subtractive brush for the room, and create the columns wich additive bsp brushes.

You will se some BSP Holes in Unrealed, that looks like black holes in "Zone View" mode in perspective window. You can fix, remaking some of the brushes that DukeUnr make bad (sometimes forgot to create a poligon and because it, create bugy brushes).

Other hard work will be in the open places. Unreal can sopourt a better system to create skyes, wich the FackDrop flag in surfaces taht will be the "Sky Texture". In some cases, you will need to create a huge box, to recreate a acurrate sesnsation of space in the sky and combine it wich a CludZoneInfo to avoid the ugly efect of a invisible barrier for weapons in the sky.

DooM map have tendence to have walls wich a lot of vertices to imitate curved walls. DukeUnr sometimes recreate this witch too small brushes or a big and complex brush. Sometimes you can simplificated it or make more nice remaking the in one or a bit brushes.

Other big important note is for liwuids surfaces. In Unreal you can make liquids wich deep. Use it.
Some times, in DooM Maps, try to create flames in a zone wich a amount of "things" like firecans or candelabre. Now you can make very nice fire efects using procedural Fire textures.

Doors: Making Door, butons , trigered Doors, moving ceiling and other type of movable wall in Unreal is very diferent. For this i recomed that you see a Mover UT Tutorial. You can see the power of the movers to create efects, texturing, add sounds ,etc...

---Continue Coming Son---


your tutorial was really help full thx!

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I tried the described way but it didnt work!
Though i managed to extract all maps from the
WAD with a shortcut with edited start options
laters my dukeunr.exe didnt work at all.
But i found another way with better working
tools namely by converting wad maps to quake1
bsp and to t3d - check in my SkyDrive files
for the package UnrealDoomMapBrush:

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Okay - its partially getting real difficult but when
ur familar with the Slade wad editor you can simply
put in replace textures also with unmatching sizes
and also try another QBSP like TreeQBSP - it works!

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Heres a link with my converted brushes - they
are thought to be put in some sort of giantic
map that uses the entire possible UEd space!

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