Unreal Tournament is the sucessor to the awesome game that was Unreal. Boosting the most advanced gaming engine when it was released, this game kicks some serious arse. Unreal Tournament's got it all without a doubt: ton's of amazing levels, kick-ass weapons, brain-melting modes of play, unbelievably deadly bots, and a slew of other features bound to have your happiness glands working overtime! I have not even mentioned the mod's either, and boy are they bountiful and bloody brilliant, with titles such as Strike Force. So give this game and spin, then crank up a few of it's mods and you will be wondering how you lived without this game!

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Version 23 of my gaming oriented tips and tricks collection. It contains of anything from ingame cheats to mapping hints and skinning guide.

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iamtheone (enablesCheating?)
addbots 1 (more than 16 possible)
summon unreali.minigun
summon healthpack
summon unreali.health
summon sniperrifle
summon unreali.flashlight
summon unreali.searchlight
summon botpack.warheadlauncher
set input B suicide
set playerpawn health 9999


Edit the "unreal tournament" config data in UT\system as following
to enable 32 or more bots per team!!! And to the "User" config add this
to enable the Boss bot


Search the "user" config data in UT\system for a useable button and enter (example)
Aliases[2 6]=(Com mand="Set En gine.Playe rpawn MouseS ensitivity 7.0 | OnR elease Set Engine.Playerpawn Mou seSensitivity 27.0",Alias=SlowMouse)
to have a new key command lower mouse speed (very good for aiming) !!!!
You also find the mouse axis speeds here.
Lower the Y axis speed abit to have better aim on high sensitivity. Or type in the console
example: set input B suicide Start in CTF in the the red team and order to defend before changing to blue. CACHE RIPPING After downloading a server map package or skin you find the stuff listed in the cache folder config.
Just search the file rename it and put it in the destination folder.
Missing map files can easy be found by using UEd/View/Log ... . MODEL SCALING AND SUBCLASSING Now I explain how the new playerclasses were made!
Open UnrealEditor>ActorClasses>Pawn>Bot/PlayerPawn> where the bot and player classes are.
Consider that for certain pawns either the nalifix cowfix multimesh or skeletalcharsfix files need to be loaded first.
Now find the original class you like to edit and right click "new" on the name.
After defining the new package and class name hit in the appearing window under tools - Compile Changed Script.
You must do this for the same bot and player pawn.
Then you can play around with the new classes properties like drawscale fatness ect..
But all changes must be made for bot and playerclass the same way.
Start with the new menu name in the pawn property.
If you edit the drawscale to change the size you must find out the correct collosion height ingame.
Now you can save the new package - hit showpackages and check yours before.
After this copy a int file from the system folder and open it with a text editor.
The new class needs the following text: [Public]
Object=(Name=MyPa ckage.MyClas s,Class=Class,Me taClass=Botpack.Tour namentPlay er,Descri ption="My Class")
Object=(Name=MyPac kage.MyCla ssBot,Class=Clas s,MetaClass=BotP ack.Bot,Descrip tion="My Class") find the correct names under the properties object and pawn.
Save the int file and rename it to your packages name.
You may also compile again by doubleclicking the classes in the browser but I dont know if thats necessary.
Now the new characters should be selectable ingame for bots and players.
If not just try again considering small and big typing and eventually false source classes.
To fix mesh disappearing and clippings - read about the UEd display property LODBias.


Open the utx viewer program and select the original skin packages in the UT textures folder.
After setting the extract-to option it is possible to export the rightclicked bitmaps.
These pictures can be editet by paint or photo editors (like Adobe PhotoShop)
to change to another look. If not you may temporary convert them to jpgs.
Useful functions are: in the photo editors cut out and insert, change size, black and white,
colour, distort, mirror, lighten or darken, contrast and some more like e.g. sharping or resolution.
In the paint program, most important is the pipette tool which copys colours from the original
picture to use as pencil or paintspray (g.e. the free downloadable GIMP paint program).
Also there is a extremely important function in PhotoShop and GIMP - the fade selected function.
You can enter colours and size in a defined area (lasso) - a absolute must have for best results.
And dont forget to check the different fade brush before trying to spraypaint ect..
Also very useful are semi transparent masks like e.g. a orignial skin about a recoloured.
The texture bmps are quiet dark, so its a good idea to lighten them complete, before painting
and redarken after finishing. Or find the view filter option in GIMP or better-your VideoCard settings!
Some video card settings even allow sharping what is extremely good for finding hidden unclearances.
Its important to keep the textures filetype(bmp) and resolution so scale them down to 256 pxs before inserting.
Afer and before editing the Skin Maker program allows previews and even to set memory
points (if it should not work, try changing the 256 colours by rightclicking the the properties).
Are all textures done use skin maker to compile the skin files and insert all team colour bmps
which can also be the same. Check the skins in the option view also in medium detail what shows mistakes easier.
After editing and inserting a bmp again dont final save the skins -start a all new insert for best results.
AND: after saving a UTX UED automatically lowers the colour depth what causes unclearances.
So a final touching with the new palette is nearly unavoidable but its also quite helpful.
More help is given in the SM help file. Theres also a SMopenGLfix download somewhere.
Dont forget to control your skins details at lowest brightness! P.S.: How to create skins from scratch without using already drawn parts?
Now - you must first imagine your skin as black and white image and sketch it on the wireframe templates.
Then simply create some semitransparent PNG tiles which fit to fade to different shadowed areas.
There are functions for this in MS Picture-It but none in PhotoShop!
Now the ace program GIMP comes into play with its tricky destort funktions.
The best is unarguable the perspectival distortion since it allows to fit your tiles together.
Its abit work and needs alot of imagination but once your greyscale skin is complete
its very easy to cut out the parts for colouring saturating ect.
Extreme shadows and highlights are some sort of finishing touches but the main work is done the best way.
If you ever tried to manually fade surfaces by hand even with special brushes you know what it means.
Last minute tip - Irfanview - this program allows to decrease colour depth and palette editing!
NMT2: GIMP 2.9 allows direct vertex area selection editing without moving the section (magicwand mb2).
LMT3: Ever wondered why not all skins are hires at medium world detail
- because they were imported with UnrealEditor and had more than 256 colours!
LMT4: Learn perfect collaging by keeping the original pixelation with techniques like
cornered patch positioning and also use GIMPs outstanding colour selectors.

MONSTERHUNT MAPPING TIPS > dont increase all monsters health - it makes the map uninteresting ...

> check out the overall lighting options in levelinfo and skyzoneinfo ...
> use lights more as effects less for shadowing ...
> coloured lights must have medium saturation or they are too bright ...
> overall light can not be coloured ...
> after placing lights rebuild lighting before checking ...
> surface properties allow many light strengthes - also try high + low shadow detail ...
> UEds copy function in the menu tab allows to duplicate contents from other maps ...
> plan your map to the last detail - this allows to make them quick and easy ...
> use creaturefactories but dont forget that they act as triggers themselfes ...
> and dont forget to move the textures of stairs ect. ...
> if a texture is too dark simply export and brighten it ...
> save as bmp for importing and correct them simply by exporting again ...
> important - Keep the viewed surfaces (polys) count as low as possible to avoid slowdowns ...
> if you dont like multiple polys on one wall rightclick on the brush select polygons\merge and build new ...
> and in case the viewports arent in place - keep cool goto view>viewports and click closeall/newviewport/configure in this order ...
> also try grid scaling and vertex editing and rightclicking brushes or pivots to snap ...
> after vertex editing or entire brush scaling select transform\permanently to compile ...
> for successful bot pathing make the pathline to the goal first before testing alternative ones ...
> and consider that blue pathes need at least 128UUs width ...
> simply block pathes by setting extracost to 100000 or randimize with around 10000 ...
> for weapons you can set their desirability higher or lower ...
> a golden rule to avoid bsp cuts - you can turn any additive brush without substractions into a semisolid ...
> you also may like to combine brushes into one - therefore is the intersect function ...
> to save complex brushes as decoration get the meshmaker tool ...
> subclass projectiles only without monsterhunt loaded ...
> the new so called monsterhunt2 has zero bot support - find the original monsterhunt503 ...
> if you have this nasty bug where no monster does melee damage anymoe try mh500 with cfs ...
> pawn combat styles > avoidant:-1.0 / cautious: -0.5 / normal: 0.0 / agressive: 0.5 / berserk: 1.0 ...
> modulated surface is like translucent but dark and they can be combined/ also combine high and low detail for ultra low ...
> always use the beyondunreal wiki to find tricks and details about the actors and properties ...
> if brushes snap into unwanted positions use the undo button and then it works ...
> when importing masked textures make sure they are pcx and the masked-box is checked ...
> build simple ladders with gravity zero zones ...
> permanently double the bot count by placing additional gameinfos into the geometry ...
> scaling up monster skins to 512x512 works only correct with MSPaint ...
> after importing a texture export and import it again to half the filesize ...


Alt + Tab - exit to windows
Strg + Esc - exit to windows
Strg + Alt + Del - windowws task manager
Type "CMD" under startmenu>excute to enter DOS


Learn to stay standing on just one
foot while working with the desktop!
Train your farsight by watching distant balconies.
Reduce your drug needs to minimum.
After sugar always take a hot free drink.
Learn head stand techniques with a armchair.
Hunger the day before toilet session.
Hang a mat like a carpet over your open
windows upper half to reduce street noise.
Crack your spinals until almost lamed.

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