Unity Space Survival Development Nou By Gabriel Cretu

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Goal: Stage 1 Objective


Stage 1:
Player Mechanics:
-Running, walking, jumping, crouching
-Ability to carry items and use/interact with them

-Weapons ( Spear, Knife, Slingshot, etc )
-Tools ( Adze, Celt, Pick, etc )
-Food ( Wild Game, Fruit, Wheat, Barley, etc )
-Medical ( Restraint, Infection Concoctions, etc )

-Animal AI simulating entire food chain, predator and prey, etc
-Potentially other tribes or groups that hunt, gather, can be neutral, friendly, or enemy
-Be able to trade or raid to gain materials

-Planting crops like Wheat, Barley, etc
-Plants must be get water, either from: poured water, ground water based on area, or rain
-Harvesting can be done by hand or with a sickle

-Potentially Procedural
-I have to work out how to go about placing details, currently have a terrain that has mountains and plains
-Possibly 'infinite'
-Potentially Predetermined
-Unity has a new tileable terrain system which allows me to create massive terrain
-end result will be atleast 4k x 4k but eventually closer to 16k x 16k
-detailed tribes

Multiplayer! :
-Player hosted servers supporting upwards of 100-200 players
-Config files used to tell the chance of tribe hostility, rarity of ore spawns, tree density, etc
-Official Server
-Synchronized player position, rotation, animation
-Synchronized tribes, animals, etc

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Ominous V0 3B

Ominous V0 3B


Ominous Development Build V0.3B Indie game project

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