As a commander of last human forces remaining on Earth, you must lead your men to the victory over numerous Alien forces. UFO: Aftermath combines the best aspects and features of real-time and turn based combat systems. The battlefield, which can be created randomly, is displayed in full 3D mode. Manage your squads and bases, control more territory. Combine global unit control and local squad fight. Be fast, powerful and use tactics - this is the key to win.

theravenswolf says

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This is very short, everybody is underrating UFO: Aftermath, I know it isnt perfect but its a great game with own limitations and the time it was made, it was the third game of the Altar/Altair company and they done it well... The devs of this game are not expirienced, Its sometimes frustrating to play but I want to play it even more... So dont trash this game... If you do then "Go eat s*it and die or f**k off atleast" <-- Insane Clown Posse

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