In Trivia Town you battle online with trivia lovers from all over the world. A game takes less than two minutes. So you can play even when you only have a moment. If you love trivia, you will love this genius quiz feud because: - Trivia.Town is a fair game based on knowledge. The best players top the highscore list. There are no powerup shortcuts! - All questions are matched with a picture to help you get the answer right. - Not only the person with the biggest trivia brain can win. - For every question you choose how many points you are willing to risk. So good tactics is an asset too. - You avoid endless rows of pop-up ads. We try to preserve a “pure” gaming experience. - The game is a constant challenge. The system is designed to keep coming up with new, unused questions keeping the feud fresh every time. - It is a contest on equal terms. You play in real-time, so you and your opponent answer at the same time. - Right now Trivia.Town has more than 20.000 exciting questio

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