The sequel to the very popular Starsiege: Tribes. This online only game features more vehicles, more action, and updated technology to take you to the next level in squad level first person shooter action. The game also features bots for enhanced teamplay as well as a completely retooled graphics engine to make that rolling terrain we all love look even better.

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Triumph Mod

The latest version of the mod(1.6) has been released added a new weapon for tech armor fixed a couple of bugs and it is now playing better than ever...

Shifter II: Attack Of The Tribes2-mod 30 second movie

Shifter 1 comment

A shifter fan made this great little movie, check it out. __________________________ To TerroX Things sometimes get a little slow over at Tribes2. What...

Updates steadily moving on.

Advanced Mod

AVM is groing in much of it's Admin control. Newly added votable features and admin On/Off easily click control is being put in. Also adding in Enable/Disable...

HomeLAN Kronos HERCs

Shifter 1 comment

HomeLAN Kronos HERCs server is online with an OC-48 connection (which is something like 20 times faster than than a T1 line) Running the latest test version...

Tribes 2 mod maker interview with Defender of War2003...


I just wanted to take a second to announce the completion of an interview with Defender, who is the creator/maintainer of the War2003 mod available for...

Closed Alpha Testers Needed


In the next month we will be opening up alpha testing to a select group. If interested head over to our forums and sign up. Heres a link to the Exodin...

RevMod2 Needs OC-3 or Better

Rev mod for Tribes 2 1 comment

Action, balance, and fun.. plus fast, useful vehicles... in a massive multiplayer CTF-style action game with jetpacks, booster rockets, valuable deployables...



The mod is cruising right along now! We have about 98% of our first game mode completely coded! Our terrain is essentially completed, and the models of...

Mod Release-- Coming soon!

Advanced Mod

is almost ready for it's full first release. It will still be compacted up in DSO format, but only for debugging reasons, and any errors that may arise...

Screenshots coming!

Exodin 1 comment

We are now starting to get some screens up on the site for our is moving along nicely and we should have screens of the entire thing, including...

Dedicated Server.

Advanced Mod

I'm in need of a dedicated server. AVM is coming very close to a release and many people have been asking me if I will be able to host a dedicated server...

Mechina MOD Released!


That's right, the Tribes 2 modification Mechina has gone GOLD. We at Mechina are very proud to have reached this final stage of development and hope everyone...



Welcome Exodin, a mod of Tribes 2. The launch of our site represents the beginning process of our mod. We will be documenting the progression of the mod...

Rev Mod knows Tribes 2

Rev mod for Tribes 2

Imagine Renegades done right. Go buy Tribes 2 for ten bucks and find or host a Rev Mod 1.02 server. It releases in about 12-24 hours. Tribes 2 means vehicles...

A few more updates, at version 30123 now

Shifter 1 comment

The latest changes have added: - Condor Cargo Carrier can now pick up and drop off HERCs - Added server option to disable mission area damage (by request...

a little update


Here is a server update with over 50 changes and improvements, a few are: - players can push each other around through sheer force - flying vehicles will...

HERC Destroyer + Shifter in Tribes 2

Shifter 7 comments

HERC Destroyer mod has been put exclusively into Shifter mod for Tribes 2. Time to kill.

Current version 442 release notes...

War2002 1 comment

Version ( War2002 v1.0 build 442+new patch.exe ) 2.28 MB for the new BETA_PATCH, will not work on older tribes patch's... I added a few new fire modes...

Current version 441 release notes...


Version ( War2002 v1.0 build 441+new patch.exe ) 2.28 MB for the new BETA_PATCH, will not work on older tribes patch's... I added a few new fire modes...

REV MOD 1.01 for Tribes 2 Final Update !

Rev mod for Tribes 2

Lexor released REV MOD 1.01 with customized classic Tribes maps and integrated BotPilot for the Tribes 2 Final Update. REV MOD 1.01 is now ready for servers...

Shifter updated for new T2 patch


Shifter has some more fixes and is compatible with the new Tribes 2 patch (25026) changes 0997 - EngineerHUD compatibility with shifter fixed - Compatibility...

Shifter League


the Shifter League has a few more teams signed up, get on over and check it out at - join up and take out some tribes.

Shifter 098 server testing


Shifter is now testing version 0.98 and also an updated Shifter Client file (2.5) is uploaded for testing. Lots of FPS improvements and lots of little...

Underhive Previews and Mapper's Build


We've posted previews of four player models belonging to the Fallen clan. They are one of several clan types players have access to in Underhive matches...

Tribes: Fast attack Canned


Cry, people, cry with all your might :cry: TRIBES: Fast Attack Canned, T2 Relaunch A report on HomeLan Fed has word out of the Tribes Council dealie that...

Shifter server updated


Shifter Server has been updated to 055f, it is probably the last update before Shifter becomes 1.0. The T2SL league will start soon thereafter, we'd really...

Tribes2 Shifter

Shifter 1 comment

This news is a little late, but i would like to get Tribes2 out of the shadows and more in the public eye, as it is the best game i have ever played...

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