When the evil President Hexagon orders another village wiped from the face of Shape World, Blue Triangle loses everyone and everything he's ever cared about, and sees the need for a better world. Help him travel across hundreds of levels in nine different environments as he works to incite revolution against the Hexagon Hive. Provides days or even weeks of gameplay!

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Release coming soon!


I haven't yet worked out the precise date, but this game is finished and ready for the public! Expect the release very soon.

This game has been in the works for nearly a year now, though I've had the idea since I was ten years old. I've sacrificed what little social life I had to build it. And I hope people will have as much fun playing it as I did designing it.

I designed Triangle Legacy Revolution to provide as much content as anyone could possibly want. Nine worlds, twenty to forty levels in each, with levels taking a couple minutes apiece to complete. Plus, hidden goodies throughout the game encourage you to go back to older levels to strengthen your character!

While I wait to arrange the details of release, I'm going to go back and polish the game even more...

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