Treasure Adventure Game is a retro-inspired, open world, 2D, platform adventure game. It's a love story to the games of my youth that gave me countless hours of joy. TAG could most easily be described as a unique mash-up of Super Mario Bros 2 and Wind Waker.

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This game is an absolute triumph. Fantastic stuff.

Just a brilliant game.

One of the greatest free indies I have ever played. The concept is great and the variety of gameplay is excellent. But almost every feature could use some polishing, even the most basic stuff like the feel of the platforming. The story was intriguing and the only disappointment was the very last second, everything else was quite good.
It's one of those games where at the beginning you feel intimidated by the huge proportions of the world, and slowly evolve to completely understand how everything works and where everything is.


Can I buy this game? I mean,the develloper have done a good job!
Thanks to this game,I can remember all the good times I spent on the Monkey Island saga.
I hope this game will become a legend! :D


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