Traits 'n Trials is a turn-based roguelike inspired by Paper Mario and Darkest Dungeon where each trait effects your character, you can start fat, ugly or unlucky, or you could start strong, smart and magic. There will be ~150 traits to become and they change every run! We also have DevLogs if you want to see more about our project :)

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Developing an Idea into a Game - Traits 'n Trials DevLog #1

In our first episode, we discussed our early start and how we slowly developed our project from a simple idea to an actual playable thing. We have plenty more episodes on our channel for you to check out if you like this one!

Traits 'n Trials - Animated Indie Game Trailer

Traits 'n Trials - Animated Indie Game Trailer


Our animated trailer for our in-development game has released on YouTube! Check it out and check our other DevLogs to learn more on the game.

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