You are Bishop, leader of Rainbow’s elite Bravo Team. You’ve been ordered to a desolate observatory where a hostage stand-off is underway. Your mission is straightforward: infiltrate the observatory and protect the hostages should negotiations fail. But you’re experienced enough to know that things have a funny way of not going as planned...

Rodman49 says

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is an excellent party or LAN game; level up and customization features similar to Modern Warfare and tons of co-op levels with settings for enemy density make it a fun diversion that most gamers can pick up and run with. Additionally the game has a co-op campaign – a rarity even in the 2010 era.

These two things alone make the game worth picking up. However the general lack of multiplayer modes and the fact that the gameplay is inferior to Modern Warfare or realistic shooters like Operation Flashpoint or SWAT 4 makes it something that I would not recommend to play solo.

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