Eastern Europe, 2008. War has broken out on the borders of Russia, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. That's when the call goes out for the Ghosts - an elite handful of specially trained U.S. Army Green Berets armed with the latest technology and trained to use the deadliest weapons. Their mission: Spearhead the way for a NATO peacekeeping force, and keep the lid on the conflict before it mushrooms...literally.

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10/10. Nuff' said.


Still the best FPS game ever!



The gold standard of tactical shooters. Lots of high-quality mods too, covering a wide variety of conflicts and SOF units.


At first, I really disliked realistic tactical shooters. But, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon changed that. Its character and weapon selection and customization, its story and its settings really captured me and and made me play this game again and again. A must-play for every fan of the genre and a good and solid game for everyone who wants to try a tactical shooter.

The old shooting game of badassery. Few hits and dead. Sneak through the enemy unnoticed and complete missions.

Let's just wait the enemy come after you and enjoy shooting em XD


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