Ghost Recon: Future Soldier takes place in the near future. A dirty bomb has taken out a Ghost team, and another Ghost team (consisting of Kozak, Ghost Lead, Pepper, and 30k) is tasked with tracking down the source of the dirty bomb using advanced technology. During the campaign, the Ghosts will visit places such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Norway.

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To slap the "Tom Clancy" and "Ghost Recon" monikers on this bug-ridden uninspired console-centric hollywood-action COD/BF-wannabe run-and-gun-die-respawn-rinse-repeat cutscene-to-cutscene rail shooter slugfest is an unparalleled betrayal of everything those names used to stand for and nothing short of a slap in the face of the entire tactical realism fan community.

The millions of dollars wasted on promoting this abomination would have been better spent on hiring more or actual developer talent, who might have cherished the unique ancestry of the original Ghost Recon, the brilliance of that great masterpiece from 2001, developed by a still young and hungry Red Storm Entertainment in search for excellence, unafraid to be different and groundbreaking.

Taking a series that established and defined an entire genre - the tactical realism FPS - from that peak of innovative game design into the abyss of mediocrity on display here is just disgraceful! It saddens me deeply to think that many of today's gamers will get to associate "Tom Clancy" and "Ghost Recon" with lackluster second-rate gaming, because they never experienced the promise those words used to carry.

If you have no idea what I'm rambling on about, I beg you to please go and play the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon by Red Storm Entertainment from 2001. Please dive in and try to ignore its (by today's standards admittedly dated) graphics, and just concentrate on the gameplay. I promise you will soon discover what a genuine, an honest, squad-based military tactical shooter should be made of.

In all likelihood, classic Ghost Recon will at first ruthlessly kick your teeth in, especially if you don't give it the full attention and deliberation it deserves - but if you do employ your senses and mind, if you act carefully and patiently, it will reward you with unparalleled immersion and suspense, and ultimately with an exceptional notion of achievement - neither of which you will encounter in Future Soldier.


after buying this game i feel insulted. it is like GRAW2 with 2/3 of the content ripped out and replaced with (slightly) better graphics, bugs and conection issues.
the gunsmith is pretty good though, with loads of options and a firing range to test your new configurations out but i didnt buy GRFS to strip and assemble weapons
over all you should just save your money and get something worth playing


Game ruining glitch that hasn't been fixed yet where the player loses everything that they unlocked if they leave the current game (and the game is dependent on what the player unlocks)

At that, the levels are frustratingly linear, and never fully explained beforehand (as you'd expect being a soldier). At that, every level I've played has a rail shooter portion near the end of the level, where the player protects a certain character in the midst of a chaotic situation.

Well, I've liked the singleplayer and also the customization was on point.

The blend of fast paced action and tactics makes for a great multi-player experience, coupled with a solid campaign. its been said that this game is not tactical enough for strategists, and too tactical for run 'n' gunners. Honestly, that's just what a fool without a team would say. Adversarial multi-player is great and very tactical when you have to coordinate your team, outflank the enemy while keeping your own flanks secure, as well as holding the all important objective. Sure it has some flaws, DOES IT DESERVE A 9.0? No. But neither does it deserve anything less than a 4.0 from a disappointed fan.i have played all previous ghost recon games and loved them all about equally. Progression makes this game playable in the long*ER* run, and there are a lot of nice new features. The series has taken a turn. whether it was for better or worse comes down to personal opinion, but it has changed nonetheless. Just like Splinter Cell Conviction. Personally i liked the older splinter cells more and was a tad disappointed with the new one, but it was still a fun game that ran smoothly. This is the same for Ghost Recon future soldier. It is a departure from the tried and true Ghost Recon formula, but it is still a solid game that is well put together and was well worth my $60.


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