From the co-creator of Age of Empires, Brian Sullivan, comes an all-new action role-playing game set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt. Amazing visuals and fast-action gameplay deliver a true cinematic gaming experience. Lush ancient-world settings crafted in near photo realistic detail provide the player with an extraordinary canvas on which to set forth on an epic quest of the ultimate good versus evil. The Titans, gods before the gods, have escaped from their eternal prison to wreak havoc on the world. In this titanic struggle between old and new gods, it is the heroes of humankind who will ultimately determine the fate of all existence. The player quests throughout the ancient world in a race to uncover the secrets needed to once again imprison these ancient gods.

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Best Gameplay ever, mitic monsters and levelling, EPIC story ever
Easy Mod editor and a lots of quest and items.
I REALLY RECOMENDED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!! (With the Immorthal Throne Dlc of course)


Very Diablo inspired, if love diablo, if you do to you should give this game a go


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