Titan: Dawn is a nostalgic blend of classic RPG gameplay and exciting, fast paced action, creating a player experience like those found in our favorite games of old. Presented in a 3D isometric world, the game draws on essential elements from some of the greatest games of the past and enforces the importance of quality storytelling and engaging participation.

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Love the changes you've made, my thoughts are as follows:

How about a shortcut mouse button to put an item into your pack, such as the middle mouse button or double clicking the item, saves the user dragging around.

Also maybe make the screen a bit bigger as you aren't utilizing all the space available. It also doesn't look like the game pauses when you're in that screen, it would be quite annoying to have to rush around looking for that grenade that I know I have in my pack, another suggestion is maybe some quick slots that you can have assigned to some short cut keys?

Other than that it's looking good, keep up the good work :)

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McMayhem Author

Hey there, Omegakill! Thanks so much for the feedback. I like the idea of double clicking to equip/swap weapons. That would make the process even more fluid. Quickslots are definitely a feature we are implementing as well. You will be able to mouse over a piece of equipment/usable item and assign it a hotkey.

We've been playing with the idea of pausing the game when in the menu. Frankly, it is an important feature, especially when saving and loading games. We'll be releasing our next developer update featuring our combat and AI system, so we'll showcase that in that scene as well.

Thanks again for the comments!

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We received a lot of feedback on our merchant system video looking for a multiple cell inventory system more akin to Diablo and Arcanum. We've now implemented a new inventory featuring this style of management and display. We've also managed to fuse the equipment panel and inventory panel into one menu, making it much easier to manage equipment and other items.

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