Through is an RPG with a focus on tactical combat and resource management. It is heavily inspired by other Roguelikes. However, Through carries some key differences. There is a large focus on accessibility and ease of use as well as simplicity and transparent design (for instance, your character only has a Strength and Intelligence stat). If you're looking for a deep RPG system thats easy to pick-up and play but difficult to master, give Through a shot. Open Source Art Credits: Oryx: Characters, tilesets | Atuun: Menu Music | Aaron P: Floor 1-5 music | Craig Stern: Floor 6-10 music | cheapshot: Floor 11-15 music | Ails: Icons and Items art

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Through is exactly what I look for in great indie games: brilliant interface, playability, and appearance.

It's hands down one of the best IndieDB downloads.

A very nice looking but simple rougelike.
It just needs more complexity to become an instant classic.


This is a really, really cool game and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

I like roguelikes but I've always had a problem with them being slow, whereas Through is incredibly stylish and fun.


Simply Awesome. While I've only gotten 5 floors deep, it's because In the heat of combat I forget to watch my health bar.


The Graphic Style <3
Awesome Gameplay please more :D


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great game. scratches the roguelike itch without being user unfriendly.


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