A very short kinetic novel about a dying person trying to remember what happened. This Is Where I Want To Die is a depressing story with an important message I want to put across. The game is free to play and recommended for players 16+. TIWIWTD was created in less than a month for NaNoRenO 2013.

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Emberheart0 says

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It was SO good and I started crying when he got stabbed... I tried to give a 10 but im too new a member...

I love the idea of an interactive novel, great approach to the changing media in the world. I think more of this type of literature will appear. Unfortunately the story is a pretty mediocre telling of hate crime. The author does nothing to differentiate between dialgoue and non-dialogue leaving the reader to decipher this. The translation is a bit rough too. The story is short so I won't give any spoilers. I think it is a worthy message, it just needs some polish. I hope to see more from this writer.

Fine for me


depressing game


Zaddhn says

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Given that this game was created in less than a month the game is a great read! It is also FREE! Fantastic!


Le jeu est disponible en Français. Un jeu sur un sujet d'actualité.


hoppaoy594 says

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when i install this game,i cant start my Desura client.
this is bad game! big bug!
someone said this is Desura's bug!


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