Pax Americana is fleeting. Animosity is growing. And the memories of death, destruction and despair of yesterday’s great wars fade as the nations of the world march ever closer to conflict.

Sabres rattle, guns lock, and nerves harden. Take command of ships, aircraft and troops as the world navigate to a future of peace or annihilation. Features include:

2D and 3D graphics.

  • Full spectrum combat: sea, air, land -- and space.
  • Browser-based and operating system agnostic.
  • Modding tools available at onset to create new missions, units, graphics.
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This week's update is focused on bug fixes, small visual improvements, creating a smarter AI, and improved gameplay. Currently, the AI is driven by simple if-then logic and hardcoded rules-of-thumb. If an enemy approaches, engage. If you are a ship engaging another ship, fire 2 salvos of antiship missiles.


As you can imagine, this behaviour lends to boring and easy gameplay. The AI is predictable and sometimes may wrong choices. It does not learn from those choices.

So, this week is about rewriting some of the underlying logic to enable smarter Ais that learn. If the last salvo failed to hit the enemy, the AI will then try to launch a larger salvo. If the previous sortie was destroyed, launch a larger flight. Every engagement is saved and the computer uses this database of engagements to decide the salvo size before launching the next engagement.

You can see from the example below. At first, the Sovremmeny tries to engage my Type 26 with 2 of its antiship missiles. The missiles, which fly at sea level, are finally picked up by my frigate around 30km away, just short of its radar horizon. When the enemy missiles reach 25km of the Type 26, the ship immediately dispatches a salvo of Sea Ceptor missiles to counter the threat. The antiship missiles are downed and the threat is over.

In the second round, the Sovremmeny knows that 2 antiship missiles are not enough to defeat the defenses of the Type 26 so it launches 4 missiles in one quick salvo. The Type 26 is able to intercept the second ASM salvo so the Sovremmeny, in the third engagement, launches 6.

This smart(er) AI is not only available as a computer opponent, you can enable the AI to control your units by Delegating Authority. Switching this on lets the unit act on its own accord, allowing it to either conduct offensive actions, defend, launch subunits or emit its active sensors. This would be useful in the future, as the game is developed to allow you to control more units on the battlefield. Here is the Type 26 dishing out salvos of ASM and launching a helicopter against a Russian destroyer.

In addition to tactical AI improvements, a number of upgrades were made to real-time AI actions. In the following case, a task group based on the Queen Elizabeth-class carrier is able to automatically assume formation around the principal, the carrier. Changing directions lead the escort units to find their proper relative positions and fluidly assume their new stations.


In the future, this machine-learning approach will be used to drive AI strategy. This will include everything from forming groups to combat the enemy to determining whether to fight or flight.

American Exceptionalism -- New US units, prettier effects and new ways to play

American Exceptionalism -- New US units, prettier effects and new ways to play


Today's update include new effects, new units and new distribution packages.

Fitting Out

Fitting Out


Today comes the next big upgrade for ToWar. First, a list of new features are available. The most interesting features include the unit and missions editor...




Theatre of War has floated out of drydock! This is the first chance the public has to play the game, which is in the very alpha early stages of development...

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Theatre of War 1.4.2

Theatre of War 1.4.2

Full Version

This new version carries a number of bug fixes, new features, and, more importantly, speed improvements.

Theatre of War v1.4.0

Theatre of War v1.4.0

Full Version 2 comments

Machine-learning boost to the AI. The computer opponent will now use a database of historical engagement to determine the best strategy to achieve its...

Theatre of War v1.3.0

Theatre of War v1.3.0

Full Version

This week's update is released as a Windows desktop game! You can download the installation file here, which will autoupdate when new updates are available...

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