The Wreckless is a space combat sim developed by duct tape games, a three man indie games studio based in Melbourne, Australia. The game is a modern take on "old school" space sims like "Tie Fighter" and "Freelancer", using WASD controls and no need for a joystick. The game features a 16 level, fully voiced campaign and a combat simulator. The game is available on Mac and PC for $9.99 on

DazeOfWar says

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Well I was thinking this game would be fun but for some reason I can't get past the second stage. Every time I shoot my gun I seem to be getting destroyed. I've played the stage multiple times and can't figure it out why this is happening. It didn't do it on the first stage.

So unfortunately I'm giving this a 4 just because it did seems cool but without progression past the second stage I'm unistalling and moving on.

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