The original version of The Very Organized Thief. You are a thief. A very organized thief. Find all the items on your checklist and then escape the house... Designed to be neither easy or hard, and slightly different everytime you play.

SuperNormalful says

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I felt like this game was a very interesting idea. It definitely made one feel like an intruder, and they helped add the tension of being one as well. I thought that it broke the immersion a little bit by adding in physics and the ability to toss things around because no human I know can lift a grandfather clock and toss it several feet away. The tension of knowing when the lady returns adds a pinch of panic to the game that increases as the threat of her returning to the house increases. I'm not sure about how the mechanics of how she is able to detect you or what rooms she enters, but I remember a time when I tried to cut out the power to the house and I ended up running into her as I left the room with the power box in it and I ran upstairs only to see her start following me all the way up and into rooms when I was certain I lost her, so either the AI was able to guess where I am or I am running from a wallhacker. Either way, this was an enjoyable game and I hope to see more from the developer.

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