The cult classic open-ended wilderness survival roguelike RPG taking place in the ancient North. Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its incredible depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. Lose yourself in the most intricate, detailed and enchanting iron-age game world.

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Hello iam Wolvgar,

part of the Unreal World Community. I started playing UW at Version 3.14 i think. It was a blast, a very steep learning curve - but absolutly fun! Loosing is fun, dying to a huge bear is fun. In over ten years in gaming expirience, i started with UFO Unknown on a PC with a Matrox G 400, i can say that this game right now has an outstanding level of quality GAMEPLAY - not graphics! But you know theres a good community graphic mod that helps a lot.

What do a gamer care about? Depth of gameplay! And replayability. This game offers both. And because iam enyoing this game for free right now i want to pay back with this review. Its the least thing i can do to support the developer of this fantastic piece of art. Its a gift to his fatherland and a gift to all people who enjoy deep strategy rpg's with survival!

One more thing, dont expect to make it long enough to see the first winter coming. You'll propably end up being raped by a bear or some unfriendly robbers.

Lonely fisher on a small island, living in a log house, trapper in the vast forest living in a hide tent, villager of one of the many cultures you can start with, robber, murderer, gatherer, thief, adventurer. It's up to you.

The game is ready to play and more content will be added in the future. It's a pearl of game history and needs to be poolished! Help, play, vote, buy or donate!

See you in the dark ages!

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I am following that game since a few years. And to be honest, it evolved a lot lately (in the good direction) and is always a pleasure to discover what new things have been added after a few calm months. It is one of the most in depth survival games around (not the zombie style, but the one were you are sent into wilderness with nothing but a knife and have to find a way to make your own food, fire, clothes, house...). I love the fact too that it is based on the real finnish medieval era, with an…

Feb 16 2012 by vfabien21