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We are sharing tasty details of the progress of the project. In this post you will know how all
was started.

In the beginning we had planned this project like test of our experience and we thought, that it will be a small project. It should be an easy logic puzzle... so we thought..

As target platform were selected the iOs and the Android. Unity3d as the engine, besides we had licence already. Due to the fact that Unity is not intended to work with 2D we are decided that will use a 3d models and the orthogonal camera.
Work with art and programming part was separately, and we don’t have anything to boast at the start but with we made the game board and a game pieces using a primitive graphic. Game logic was realized too - the game pieces changed their color, when we are moving them on the board.

Programming art, yeah!

After month of work we had a game editor and we could showing the game process on the PC.
Some time later we made the new game concept without changing logic. From the simplest game-puzzle it started growing for something bigger. After big brainstorm, with a lot of ideas we are decided to use characters instead of simple game pieces, which are communicate with each other.

The first character concept

Sure, you don’t accept this like a big result, but for us it was a first inspiration for all of the team.. And work has begun to boil with a bang.
While was making a first game model, we started to moving from the Android platform from the PC, and find the first serious problem. On PC we had 5 mouse status, on the Android platform could be only 3 touches status. Because of this problem we were forced to remake all controls and lose some of functional, which still don’t recovered completely.
Finished with transfer on Android we start used the new game art: new characters and platforms. At the same time we are start to work with our team site[http://madrockgames.com], which currently looks:

Difference with the programmers version is awesome, isn’t it? :)

After the playtest we came to the conclusion, that one controls system is not enough and we decided to combine both of the suitablest. A lot of time we are working out the details: which moment selected character, how to happening moving character process and more so on. All of this could be look like a mere trifle, but for us all details are important and we sure, that best are hiding in the details.
This way is primary at all for us, for example when we had completed first character model he was very incompletely, but very fun. And we are want to create a memorable view with an interesting history. We would like to call the love and desire to make friends with him. In the process, we are changing all, color, shape, expression, mood. The character was originally a more angular and somewhat gloomy by color. In the result it was more smoother and cheerful with a brighter colors.

Character changing all time when developing.

So you can see numbers was moved on the belly of character and we decided refuse from a platforms. Field angle was changed on the 30 degrees, it’s helped to show characters without obstruct each other and all of this are boring tech details.
Completely finished the character we are moving on and was included decorations in the game. This step had allowed to vary ground and more completely convey the charm of the game word.

New character and the first decorations.

While we are worked on graphic, made balance and perfected gameplay we had active work with the game scenario and soon we are completely could tell everything about every character and all about the game world.And thus very simple game, with easy gameplay grown into the whole game with own universe.
Currently the game has a status beta, we are finalizing the interface, adding new graphic. The game becomes more interesting and more stable. [http://www.madrockgames.com] Thank you for attention.

Stay tuned

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Hi guys! We have took part in a small competition IndiesCrashE3!
Vote for us, please!


Some description:
We would like to present our project - Touchsters! We hope,you will enjoy it as much as we and you will vote for us to crash E3! Touchsters - At this game you should to help touchsters, they can't find optimal variant for settling. Some of them are more socially active than the other. At this moment we are a small (but very talented!) team with extensive experience in game development, and now we have come together to implement projects, that long wandering in the head.

Invasion of Touchsters!

Invasion of Touchsters!


Latest news about the Touchsters! We have going to completed last stage of our project!


My name is Daniel Thomas, I have been in the Welsh music industry for a few years now, unfortunately I had to take a break due to education.
I have recently graduated from the University of South Wales, with a 2.1 in Music Technology.
During my time in university I had the chance to compose for video clips of my choice, I will provide some examples of my work, I would like to compose music for video games as a profession and would like the chance to create a solid portfolio.

I also do Sound design

Please contact me through Email or PM me on this if you are interested in working with me.



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