You awaken at an unknown place. When you begin to walk around everything is normal, until the things come. You must avoid and evade the things before they get you. The only goal is to escape, THE THINGS.

There will be multiple locations to explore and escape. First I will work on a Tropical Island, called "Paradise". The next location will be a school. After I/We complete those two maps we will work on the things.

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Island Progress


A very hilly tropical area with a large volcano in the center. Explore the island! Or not. Screenshots coming soon.

The island development is underway and we are about 1/4 of the way done. The area shown in the picture is 2 Miles X 2 Miles for scale.

A medium sized dock is planned for the west side of the island. (That way is also the only way you can go to find civilization!) But when you arive at the dock, there is... no boat. You must quickly find all the pieces of the boat before nightfall... or else....

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Fire Tech Demo

Fire Tech Demo


This is a simple tech demo. This was originally meant to be dev's only but we have decided to release it to you! We are aware of the issue when looking...

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