The Terminal Game in short 'The Terminal' game is an airport management game. Land, park, unload, load, fuel and take off your fleet. Build and expand your airport with more terminal buildings, connect local transportation, enlarge parking facilities and more. Buy new airplanes and expand your fleet with new type of jets. The better you play the more money you earn, the bigger the terminal became the more funds you get to expand your company and fleet. The game will be available for PC and MAC at start and planned for Linux as well on later with the release version of 2.0 by the forth quarter of 2013. BUY NOW SINCE THE 2.0 VERSION WILL COST MORE! On the other hand you always have to pay attention to your fleet. If you do not tank them properly you will lose money or even your jets. Moreover, try not to crash tankers to planes otherwise you will lose both! Always keep clean all your runways from snow, by clicking the snowplows appearing near the blue warehouse during snowstorms!

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Very nice game


rbk1x1 says

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Game still under construction, but i love it already. It will come a update soon, looking forvard to try it out.
This could realy be a hit. Keep on working developer. :-)


I love it. The game still needs lots of work, but I give it a high rating mostly because the idea is quite ingenious and the game play is actually fun. I'd be willing to pay much more for a more mature version. Make it happen!


ccik says

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Some good ideas in the game, however, it still needs a lot of work. The game is very repetetive, sounds are very bad, the gameplay feels boring. The overall game just feels like it is a demo rather then a full version game.

This game has potential, but right now, it just feels like an early alpha version or proof of concept.


good game but still needs have more work on - example planes could wait at holding lines before runways and also ablity to send plane to hanger after unloading for repairs and also abitity to send empty planes to somewhere if airport is empty
but its well designed but needs be improved


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